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Toyota Forklift AGV
- May 04, 2018 -


    Toyota's development of new technologies in the industrial vehicle sector is self-evident and showcased the leading industrial logistics technologies at several exhibitions. Toyota Motor's automation products are more abundant in this exhibition, and a full range of solutions for internal warehousing logistics, production logistics, and integrated logistics have been solved. Such as the Toyota traction AGV logistics vehicles and trailers perfect docking, to achieve the unmanned docking from the tractor to the trailer, the entire process of no-participation, more efficient, so that automation is more logistics application advantages.

    Forklift AGV is one of the more common AGV handling products. It is not difficult to discover from the development of industrial vehicles in the past two years that Chinese industrial vehicle manufacturers are more or less involved in the development or application of this product. Naturally, Toyota's development and application of this technology is nothing but the ultimate goal of providing users with the most comprehensive logistics solutions by demonstrating the latest AGV products for forklift trucks.

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    AGV, which means "automatic guided transporter." The flatbed AGV in China has been used as the most basic transport base, extending a variety of internal logistics tools. Realize the perfect combination from logistics to storage technology. In 2017, Toyota Industries acquired Vanderlande to provide comprehensive automated material handling solutions that expanded Toyota's global service footprint to cover virtually all automation needs markets. The industry masters' logistics automation technology war has been fully launched.

    Toyota displayed advanced automated logistics technology and application solutions at CeMAT in Germany, and led the way to propose a new and more advanced logistics technology concept. The future of industrial and logistics industries will usher in more intelligent and environmentally friendly logistics products, and this is a general trend. China also proposed the "China Made 2025" industrial development goal. It is believed that logistics technology will usher in greater opportunities for development under the promotion of the country and the development of the company's innovation.