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There Are Many Types Of Combination Switches
- Jun 07, 2017 -

The combination switch includes the headlight control switch, fog lamp switch and turn signal switch, most of which are mounted on the steering column on the lower left of the steering wheel and are operated with the left hand

Combination switch (also known as the switch) is often used as a power supply switch, you can also use it to start and stop the small-capacity cage motor or the motor is reversing, Combination Switch the local lighting circuit is also used to control it. There are many types of combination switches

In the machine electrical control circuit, the combination switch (also known as the switch) is often used as a power supply switch, it can also be used to directly start and stop the small capacity cage motor or the motor is reversing, the local lighting circuit is also commonly used To control.

Many types of combination switches, commonly used HZ10 series, its structure and symbols shown in Figure 1. It has three pairs of static contact, one end of each contact fixed on the insulation pad, Combination Switch the other end out of the box, connected to the terminal. The three movable contact sets are mounted on an insulated rotary shaft with a handle, and the three contacts (which are different from each other) can be turned on or off by turning the shaft. Is to use the combination switch to start and stop the asynchronous motor wiring diagram.

Combination switch has unipolar, bipolar, three-pole and four-pole several, rated continuous current of 10,25,60 and 100A and other.

Combination switch, is used to control the lighting and lighting signal devices and some other accessories of the multi-function modular switch. It is usually handle-type, Combination Switch mounted on the steering column under the steering column, in order to facilitate the operation of the driver.

Typically, the combination switch is divided into two handles and one button:

Left handle

Is the light control switch. Control turn signals, headlamps and other lights. Before turning, press the steering wheel in front of the direction of the handle, you can turn left and right turn signal lights. Turn right at clockwise and turn clockwise. At this point the corresponding instrument in the steering indicator should also be bright.

After the new car turns on, the steering wheel returns to normal, Combination Switch the handle will automatically return, the turn signal will automatically shut down.

Some cars have variable lane gear, slightly forward (or after) pull the handle, you can turn the turn signal, let go after the automatic return.

Its end can be around the axis of the handle twist, control other lights, also divided into three blocks:

OFF neutral, all lights off. During the day should be in this block

1 night with: In addition to headlights, the other lights are fully open, Combination Switch including: instrument lights, before the lights, after the lights, license lights and so on.

2 headlamps open: low beam open, other lights also open. In this block, push down the handle that is variable high beam.

If you push the handle up and down, you can issue overtaking signal.