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The Structure Of The Forklift Controller
- Oct 17, 2017 -

The forklift controller is mainly installed inside the forklift body, forklift is the most basic and one of the most important components. The main body of the forklift is a square-shaped circuit board. The main circuit of the forklift is installed on the main board.

How the forklift controller works: When the forklift is powered on, the current will be instantly via the CPU, chip, slot, resistor, capacitor, indicator, card, transistor, IC, etc. Forklift Controller when the key switch is turned on. Then the motherboard will be based on the operating system input and output data to identify the hardware into the operation of the entire forklift system, and enter the operating system to play the support of the entire forklift work function.

An electric forklift is mainly composed of forklift main controller, forklift truck controller, forklift hydraulic controller, forklift steering controller, forklift charging circuit board and other 1-6 to organize, different electric forklift are equipped with different The same forklift controller, Forklift Controller a variety of forklift controller size, shape will not be the same. Need to match the model size of the car and the same controller model to purchase the same type of forklift controller to match the installation.

The forklift controller has the following features: the forklift controller has a set of photoelectric numerical control command signal generating and transmitting device, Forklift Controller which comprises a photoelectric transmitting tube and its working circuit, a photoelectric receiving tube and its working circuit, an optical code wheel and its operation Which is composed of a main drive shaft driven by a set of gear transmission system to drive a control between the photoelectric emission tube and the photoelectric receiving tube, the photoelectric wheel rotation.

Second, the forklift controller has two reference operating frequency excitation pulse signal generator, each composed of a self-excited oscillator and his single-stable multi-resonant oscillator, a control forklift hydraulic power motor, the other for walking The motor speed control, the driving motor speed control signal generator, wherein the self-oscillating oscillator controls the oscillation frequency, Forklift Controller and the excitation stabilization timing circuit of the single-steady-state multivibrator is connected with a four-bit binary digital signal processing circuit The output of the analog switch output of a group of different resistance of the series were connected in series, through the resistance value to change the control output pulse width; Forklift Controller two excitation pulse signal generator and two logic control gate, respectively, composed of keyed oscillator, excitation pulse signal, (Depending on the logic state of the two control gates), the two oscillators are connected to the excitation control electrode (G pole of the power field effect transistor) loop of the high power switch (forklift controller power execution device) via a set of switching switches ; Third, the forklift controller's high-power switch (ie, power execution device) is composed of multiple power field-effect transistors in parallel composed of power modules, the module Through the logic of the contact point in the circuit, respectively, with the line or hydraulic power motor in series; Forklift Controller two motors share a freewheeling diode, and two motors in reverse parallel; Fourth, the forklift controller is also equipped with a series of logic A control gate and a driver circuit, and a logic instruction execution switch and a switching contactor mechanism, and a real-time logic control system and an actuator.