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The Ignition Switch Has Four Gears
- Jun 21, 2017 -

The ignition switch is generally equipped with 0 or LOCK, I or ACC, II or ON, III or START four positions.

The ignition switch goes to the III or START position and the starter starts. Ignition switch to I or ACC position, the engine is off, other vehicles can be used normally.

Ignition switch to II or ON position, the engine is working.

The ignition switch goes to 0 or LOCK position, the engine turns off, Ignition Switch and the steering wheel is locked when the key is pulled out.

Ignition switch: the ignition system switch (usually use the key), can be free to open or close the main circuit of the ignition coil, also applies to other electrical circuits.

Ignition switch can be connected or cut off the starter, ignition and electrical lines, etc., Ignition Switch a key to start and a key to start a smart start two ways ~

The 1LOCK stall is where the key is inserted and pulled out.

Pull out the key, then turn around the steering wheel, the steering wheel will be locked, it is anti-theft needs.

Insert the key, if the steering wheel is locked state, first turn around the steering wheel, in order to turn the key, a little trouble ~

2ACC stall is to let the car part of the electrical power, such as radio, lights, Ignition Switch air conditioning to die ~

3ON gear to start the engine at the same time so that all other equipment can be opened, the general driving when the ignition switch in this stall ~

4START is to let the engine instantly start the position, release the key, the key will automatically return to the ON file. Seemingly a bit complicated, a small ignition switch contains four different functions of the stalls, small partners who have learned it?

The four states of the ignition switch and the correct operation method

Car ignition switch has LOCK, ACC, ON, START, a total of four stalls.

Lock the car after the key will be in the LOCK state, Ignition Switch this time the key door not only locked the direction, while cutting off the whole car power.

ACC state is connected to the car part of the electrical equipment, such as CD, air conditioning and so on.

Normal driving when the key is in the state, when the whole car all the circuits are in working condition.

START file is the engine start gear, after the start will automatically return to normal state is ON file.

The four stalls each gear are progressive, the purpose is to let the electrical equipment one by one into the working state, which can also ease the power caused by the instantaneous car battery burden. If the car in the other stalls do not stay, from the LOCK directly into the START start state, Ignition Switch will instantly increase the battery load, and because the electrical equipment has not yet fully into the working state, the computer is difficult to normally command the engine to start, so this Kind of operation on the battery and the engine are very unfavorable. Often this operation will shorten the battery life, will cause the engine to start difficult to promote the generation of coke!

The right way:

The key into the ignition switch, in each stall to do instantly stay about 1, 2 seconds, then you should be able to hear the sound of electrical appliances at all levels of electrical equipment, and then into the next stalls on it!