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The Function Of Modern Logistics Forklift In The New Century.
- May 04, 2018 -

With the development of economy the application of modern logistics of the logistics equipment technology put forward higher request, forklift truck is a kind of equipment currently widely used in the field of logistics, has become an important part of modern logistics system, is the main force in material handling equipment, mechanized loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transport efficient equipment, in the operation of the logistics system plays an important role in the process.

Widely used in ports, railway stations, airports, storehouse, factory workshop, warehouse, distribution center and distribution center, etc., and can enter the cabin, car, and the container, into pieces, into a package or into pallets of goods loading and unloading, handling, stacking, crib and short distance transportation work.

What are the important functions of forklift in logistics?

Realizing mechanization of loading and unloading and handling operations, reducing labor intensity, saving a large number of labor force, and improving working efficiency;

As Labour costs rise and the efficiency of the logistics industry itself, forklift rental, logistics industry in our country machinery to replace manual will become increasingly obvious, especially on the loading and unloading, handling and other links have been done from the original manual handling, avoid too dependent on human.

This shift, not only raised the working efficiency, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, save a large amount of labor, so that the big workload and continuous operation of enterprises or logistics distribution center to easily cope with the peak assignments and ease the special type of work recruitment difficult problems such as wasting or labor.

2. Shortened the operation time of loading, unloading, handling and stacking, and accelerated the turnover of materials and vehicles;

Loading and unloading is the most frequent service in logistics activities. It is the inevitable activity at the beginning and end of other logistics activities, which is the connection of other logistics activities in transition.

Therefore, loading and unloading will play a decisive role in other logistics activities, which will affect the quality and speed of other logistics activities, which is the key to the close connection between the functions of logistics.

With the rapid development of China's national economy and the expansion of commodity circulation, it is unable to meet the needs of the development of objective situation simply by relying on manual handling and handling.

According to the railway department, it takes about 60 minutes to load 50 tons of goods into a boxcar using a forklift, and 150 minutes for manual handling.

The use of forklift truck than manual operation efficiency is improved by about 250%, shorten the transportation and handling of work time, so as to accelerate the response speed of the entire supply chain, make material flow, the effective control as well as shorten the turnaround time of a covered wagon.

3. Improve the utilization rate of the warehouse and promote the development of warehouse to multi-storey shelves and elevated warehouse;

High utilization rate = goods crib or warehouse shelves effective height by 100%, the average height/warehouse is effective measure warehouse utilization degree, from the formula, cargo crib or shelf has a positive correlation relationship between height and utilization.

By stacking artificially about 2 m height, to the general carrier of 2 m height, and then to stacking forklift in 7 to 25 m high warehouse stacking operation, with special tools, increase the storage stack height, achieving high set multilayer storage, improve the utilization rate of the warehouse on space height, make warehouse utilization coefficient increased by 30% ~ 40%, but also promote the development of multi-layer shelves, warehouse.

Reduce the damage of the goods and improve the safety of the operation.

In handling link, due to the low degree of mechanization, more is to use manual handling and the labor force from rural areas, poor knowledge of safe operation, the safety operation regulation is poorly understood, labor discipline and self protection consciousness relatively weak, operation skills is uneven, the other for fluidity big, affects the safety of its working ability and skills improvement.

Toss in the process of loading and unloading, trample, kicking savage phenomenon is extremely common, make goods carton perforation, deformation, pollution and entity of goods damaged, add to the breakage of the goods, affect the logistics service quality.

With the improvement of overall level of logistics facilities, forklift truck is designed according to different working condition of industry production, with a safety device, in exceptional cases (or fork) of the goods is not easy to slide, such as clamp fittings of the holding device (when carrying goods, blowout, hydraulic system pressure, the goods will not slide).

The end buffer device of the lateral moving class is used to reduce the accident rate.

The goods can be transported, stowed or unloaded more safely by means of the special clamping/side shift/rotation, which can minimize the loss of goods.

At the same time, due to the standard and controllability of operation, the safety degree of the operation is also improved.

In order to avoid human handling to produce a variety of adverse effects, in loading and unloading handling link import forklift mechanical work comprehensively, is the important direction of loading and unloading, reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading production, compression vehicle retention time, the effective ways to ensure that goods and personal safety.

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