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The formation of forklift truck from design to manufacture
- Apr 29, 2017 -

Guangzhou He Sheng Electronic Technology CO., LTD is a global supplier of components

Forklift trucks do not always make people aware of their graceful curves, but it is surprising that many forklift and forklift parts are often awarded an industrial design award. Good industrial design, however, is not just a design curve, but a function of its beauty.

American Industrial Design Association believes that the goal of good industrial design should be "creative products and optimize the product function, value and appearance, the user and the manufacturer of mutually beneficial relationship". For any kind of forklift design, the value and function of the equipment is always the most important. However, more and more emphasis has been turned to profitability, safety, environmental responsibility and operational comfort, which are now often the designer's priorities.

Design Process

The forklift design cycle takes 7 years from the initial sketch to the manufacturing prototype, with up to 32 stages of design drawings, adjustments and modeling. However, these are just the beginning of the test and manufacture. The design of new products in the late stage has to rethink the different forklift types and different places.

Guangzhou He Sheng Electronic Technology CO., LTD has its own advantages of industrial platform

In the overall design process of the forklift, including the cooperation of industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial designers, ergonomics experts and the workplace health and safety professionals, etc.. Dealers are also involved in providing feedback on production models.

Ross, a forklift truck dealer in Australia, said that it also serves as a service provider to provide testing and parts failure patterns for new cars provided by the manufacturer.

Lind and the famous Porsche engineers signed 33 years of cooperation

The Linde Group General Manager Ralf Dingeldein said: "the slogan is" the design of Linde transport function in the form of "design should have scientific and humane quality, provide the best space and visual and intuitive operation function and operation comfort for the driver."

TOYOTA material handling Europe (TMHE) and Link Ping, last year the Swedish University signed a department of management engineering and long-term strategic partnership. The purpose of cooperation is to produce "world-class scientific results focused on life cycle analysis and sustainable development". TOYOTA CEO Matthias Fischer, said: TOYOTA's products must be fully recyclable in 2020, working with them is to avoid waste strict."

Toyota Corporation also has an interior design team based in Japan and sweden. In 1980s and in 90s, TOYOTA collaborated with a number of automotive designers, including Pinafarina and Bertone to provide their own ideas for the comfort and safety of forklift operations.

Guangzhou He Sheng Electronic Technology CO. in order to improve this technological content of products, the quality of production products, create  "Refined Hesheng" brand, continue to purchase domestic and foreign advanced production and testing equipment, the establishment of import high precision machining center, mold development center, new product development center, testing center and other institutions, and enhance their ability of independent development. Diligent, honest and innovative Hesheng employee will be more enthusiastic, professional to service a vast number of new and old customers and submit them a satisfactory answer. We sincerely invite you to visit our factory, to strengthen cooperation and seek for common development, and work together for the development of China's automobile industry.

Guangzhou He Sheng Electronic Technology CO., LTD was founded in 2012, the main products are forklift parts, such as truck combination switches, ignition switches, power switches, pull switches, controllers, contactors, sensors, motors, etc. Over these years, the company in accordance with the “people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, integrity and efficiency, customer comes first” as business philosophy, and achieved good results. 

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