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The Forklift Controller Ensures Safe Operation Of The Forklift
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Forklift controller using the microcontroller language programming, intelligent control function, equipped with the product of the forklift truck in the vehicle flameout, start, Forklift Controller run the state according to the driver's seat switch, hand brake switch, and the transmission switch and other signals to make the right to judge Implementation, and give early warning, to ensure the safety of forklift operations.

Forklift controller technical parameters:

Protection class: IP65

Insulation voltage (V): 9 ~ 16 / 10min

Insulation voltage (V): 500

Insulation performance (MΩ):> 20

Operating temperature (℃): - 20 ~ 70

The forklift controller is characterized in that it comprises a power supply module, a control system microchip, a voice system microchip, a multi-channel switch, an output driver, a watchdog, an address expansion chip, a memory, a voice chip, a power amplifier and a speaker, Forklift Controller Line communication port TXD and voice system MCU serial communication port RXD connected together, the control system MCU and voice system microcontroller and power supply module respectively, the system components on the use of dual-CPU structure, Forklift Controller it has a strong multi-task ability , So that the forklift during the process of monitoring the forklift overload state, and timely through the voice system to play the forklift overload information; the system in the forklift, download the car control at the same time, the voice system to provide voice prompts. In addition, Forklift Controller the system hardware design in the margin, for its function to facilitate the upgrade; in the system hardware and software design to consider the anti-interference, and enhance the reliability.

The forklift controller is received and transmitted by the photoelectric numerical control type signal generator. The key control oscillator composed of the double monostable flip-flop and the logic control gate provides the excitation control signal with constant frequency widening. Forklift Controller Power field effect transistor in parallel composed of special power module for power execution device and through the real-time logic control system and the logic switch actuator are connected in series with the pump motor circuit. In order to achieve: the contactor in the circuit of the main contactless spark switch; foot brake power protection, zero protection and battery under voltage automatically prompt; and the implementation of CNC motor speed control, Forklift Controller the pump motor to achieve full voltage start and stop The key way.