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The Forklift Controller Enhances Reliability
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Forklift truck controller is mainly installed in the forklift body inside, is the basic forklift *** is also one of the important components. The main body of the forklift is a square-shaped circuit board. Forklift Controller The main circuit of the forklift is installed on the main board.

Electric forklift main controller works: When the forklift connected to the power, open the key switch current will instantly through the CPU, with the program chip, slot, resistance, capacitance, lights, cards, transistors, IC and so on. Then the motherboard will be based on the operating system input and output data to identify the hardware into the operation of the entire forklift system, and enter the operating system to play the support of the entire forklift work function.

An electric forklift is mainly composed of forklift controller, forklift truck controller, forklift hydraulic controller, forklift steering controller, Forklift Controller forklift charging circuit board and other 1-6 to organize, different electric forklift are equipped with different Of the forklift controller, a variety of forklift controller size, shape will not be the same. Need to match the model size of the car and the same controller model to purchase the same type of forklift controller to match the installation.

The invention relates to a forklift controller, which comprises a power supply module, a control system single chip computer, a voice system single chip computer, Forklift Controller a multi-channel switch, an output driver, a watchdog, an address expansion chip, a memory, a voice chip, a power amplifier and a speaker, Serial communication port TXD and voice system microcontroller serial communication port RXD connected together, the control system MCU and voice system microcontroller and power module respectively, the system components on the use of dual-CPU structure, it has a strong multi-task timely Capacity, so that the forklift during the process of monitoring the forklift overload state, and timely through the voice system to play the forklift overload information; the system in the forklift, Forklift Controller download the car control at the same time, the voice system to provide voice prompts. In addition, the hardware redundancy in the system design, for its function to facilitate the upgrade; in the system hardware and software design to consider the anti-interference, and enhance the reliability.