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The Combination Switch Meets The Wiring Requirements
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Combination switch: also known as the transfer switch, in fact, is a special knife switch, but the general knife switch operating handle is perpendicular to the mounting surface in the plane up or down, while the switch handle is parallel Rotate left or right in the plane of its mounting surface. It has multi-contact, multi-position, small size, reliable performance, easy operation, flexible installation and so on. It is also used as a switch for the power supply in the machine's electrical control circuit. It can also be used as a reversing and star triangular start of a small-capacity asynchronous motor that does not frequently connect and disconnect the circuit, Combination Switch exchange power and load, and control 5KW and below The

The combination switch is composed of multi-section contact layer, the upper part has cam, torsion spring, handle and other parts of the operating mechanism, the mechanism due to the use of torsion spring storage, the switch can quickly close or break, can get fast action , Combination Switch Thereby improving the switching capacity of the switch, so that the movement of the joint speed and the handle rotation speed has nothing to do.

The switch is in the electrical control circuit, a switch that is often introduced as a power supply, which can be used to directly start or stop the low-power motor or to reverse the motor. Local lighting circuit is also used to control it. Combination switch has unipolar, bipolar, three-pole, Combination Switch four-pole several, rated continuous current 10A, 25A, 60A, 100A and so on.

Many types of combination switches, commonly used H25, HZ10, HZ15 series. HZ10-10 / 3 combination switch, the static contact on the insulation board, and with a terminal for the power supply and load phase, the movable contact can be connected with the rotating shaft on the insulation plate, handle and shaft Can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise 90 °, driven by three movable contact with the static contact contact or separation, to achieve the purpose of turning on and breaking circuit. As a result of the torsion spring energy storage structure, Combination Switch can quickly close and break the switch, so that the switch closure and breaking speed and manual operation has nothing to do.

Down switch is a combination of switches, also known as reversible conversion switch, is designed to control the small capacity of three-phase asynchronous motor is designed and manufactured in reverse. Switch handle "down" "stop" "Shun" three positions, the handle can only "stop" from the left or right turn 45 °.

1, "down" position

Combination switch selection

1, the combination switch as a disconnector, the rated current should be lower than the isolated circuit in the sum of the load current; Combination Switch used to control the motor, the rated current is generally taken from the motor rated current of 1.5 to 2.5 times.

2, should be based on the actual needs of the electrical control circuit to determine the combination of wiring wiring, the correct choice to meet the wiring requirements of the combination switch specifications.

3, the combination of common faults and processing methods.