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Prospect Of The Development Of Alternative Fuel Trucks In China
- Jan 18, 2017 -

Overall, alternative fuel for forklifts in China is still at an early stage of development, emission policy support, and has shown some signs of path diversity, alternative energy technology trends.
(1) internal combustion forklift, forklift diversification is the inevitable path of alternative fuel development. From the perspective of resource capacity, current unconventional oil resources, biomass, coal resources are large-scale development potential.
(2) various types of alternative fuel development process will overlap the progressive trend. In the near term, low carbon-efficient alternative fuel technology and industry conditions have matured, with obvious effect of energy saving and emission reduction, are expected to take the lead in expanding market share, including LPG forklift, forklift, forklift, gas, ethanol and methanol. In the long term, along with the rise in international oil prices, alternative fuel technologies, rapid progress, domestic energy and greenhouse gas emission system of sound, cleaner alternative fuels and new energy trucks will enter a stage of rapid development. In long-term period, with various clean alternative fuel technology of increasingly mature, which greenhouse gas emissions potential maximum and resources guarantees degree high of technology way will get more support and faster development, is expected to main is various gas forklift (gas (LNG/CNG), and liquefied petroleum gas LPG), and gas electric mixed power car, and second generation biological fuel forklift, and II ether and methanol forklift are has turns came to power of opportunities exists.
(3) the constraints by the filling stations, liquefied petroleum gas LPG forklift, forklift trucks will take the lead in natural gas NG first and maintained rapid development, but its development will be restricted by region and price, etc. While the current situation is LPG forklifts international market demand is far greater than in the domestic market.
(4) level is expected to further enhance the industrialization of bio-liquid fuel, bio-diesel forklift short will not be the last hot market in the medium term.
(5) coal-based synthetic fuel is mainly alcohol ether fuel will become one of the most important alternatives to fossil fuels. Forklift, methanol, ethanol forklifts, forklift pure dimethyl ether application market is just around the corner.
(6) new energy accelerating the process of industrialization, forklift truck industry in the forklift industry model and infrastructure, led by lithium battery category, hybrid electric power, Hydrogen-fueled internal combustion forklift trucks is expected to further accelerate the development process application