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Precautions For Use Of Forklift CONTACTOR
- Sep 11, 2017 -

First, the forklift contactor is on the nominal means can frequently connect, disconnect and carry the normal current and the specified overload current of the opening and connecting device. It is mainly used in electric forklift electrical parts of electric power distribution and electricity. The forklift contactor nominally refers to an electrical appliance which uses a coil to flow through the current to produce a magnetic field that closes the contact point to achieve a controlled load. CONTACTOR classification There are two main types, ac (voltage AC) and DC contactor (voltage DC), Forklift Contactor electric forklift on the contactor mostly DC contactor (charger is generally used AC contactor mainly).

Second, forklift CONTACTOR working principle: when the contactor coil power, the coil current will produce magnetic field, the resulting magnetic field makes the static core electromagnetic suction to attract the core, and drive the contact action of DC contactor, often closed contact point, often open contact closed, the two are linked. When the coil loses power, the electromagnetic suction disappears, Forklift Contactor the armature is broken under the action of releasing the spring, which restores the contact point, often opening the contact point and closing the contact point.

Three, the composition of the forklift CONTACTOR: The electromagnetic system (core, static core, electromagnetic coil) contact system (often open contact and constant close contact), arc-extinguishing device and insulation shell composition.

IV. Selection of CONTACTOR for forklift truck

The selection of the forklift contactor should be carried out according to the requirements of the controlled equipment, except that the rated operating voltage should be the same as the rated voltage of the controlled equipment, the load power of the controlled equipment, the type of use, the operating frequency, the working life, the installation mode and the size as well as the economy Control Forklift Equipment Electrical system is mainly selected DC contactor. Forklift Contactor Such equipment voltage, current, the use of frequent and job requirements are relatively high, therefore, the selection of contactor, Forklift Contactor as long as the contactor and electrical system equipment power of about 1-2 times, or the use of imported contactors, because the imported contactor raw materials and ordinary different, this can increase the service life of the contactor.

V. Precautions for use of forklift CONTACTOR

1, when using, should inspect the product each part regularly, the request movable part is not jammed, the fastener has no loose phenomenon, Forklift Contactor each part if has the damage, should replace promptly.

2, contact surface should be often protected clean, do not allow the oil, when the contact surface due to ARC action to form metal beads, should be cleared in time. Forklift Contactor When the contact is seriously worn, the contact point should be exchanged in time. However, it should be noted that the silver and silver base alloy contact surface in the separation of the arc generated by the black Oxide film resistance is very low, will not cause contact undesirable phenomenon, it is not necessary to file repair, Forklift Contactor otherwise it will greatly shorten the contact life.