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New Energy In The Hannover CeMAT
- May 02, 2018 -

At the just-concluded CeMAT 2018 international logistics fair in Hannover, Germany, logistics intelligence and new energy technologies were pushed to a new stage of development, leading to new trends in the industry. In this exhibition, a large number of new energy industrial vehicle products accounted for a large proportion, industrial vehicle giants Toyota, Jungheinrich, STILL have launched lithium-powered products, domestic brands BYD, Hangcha, Heli, Connaught, Xilin and other lithium series Strong on the line. It can be said that this new energy technology is being driven more and more by the market within a certain range.

The application of new energy lithium battery in industrial vehicles, China's development is not backward, it can even be said to be leading. Since China has promoted the implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection policies, it has become even more reckless for the development of new energy sources. Lithium battery forklifts have become a priority, becoming the object of competing development in the industrial vehicle industry, and the energy giant that started with lithium production. BYD has become a benchmarking company in promoting the scale of China's lithium-ion forklifts. As of now, BYD's lithium-ion forklift market has more than 15,000 units, and this data is still being updated. New energy technologies can't wait to be integrated into this industry, and users are the real testers of these energy technologies.

The advantages of lithium-ion technology are self-evident, high density, large energy storage, green, and protection of the ring, and have certain safety indicators. For the new energy technologies that are already mature, the application space for lithium batteries is enormous. From the perspective of the development trend of the international industry is even more obvious. Here we look at the highlights of the new energy sources for industrial vehicles through this CeMAT exhibition.

STILL lithium forklift

STILL has always been committed to the research, development, and production of electric power-driven logistics transportation products. A large number of lithium-ion products have been launched at this exhibition. Among them, many large-tonnage lithium products embody STILL's R&D strength and quality assurance in electric forklift technology.

Toyota has been committed to the application and research and development of new energy technologies. It has pioneered the introduction of new energy power products and led the industry in the forklift industry. The exhibition also showcased a variety of lithium products, including the balance of heavy trucks and storage vehicles.

Jungheinrich Lithium series warehousing products appeared in German CeMAT Logistics Exhibition. The German industry, which has always attached importance to quality, once let Lithium Battery seize the limelight. A more efficient power system has caused industry companies to pay close attention. I believe more new energy products will also be available one by one.

BYD's industrial vehicle products are China's core enterprises that push lithium-ion battery lift trucks into large-scale development. With the help of the Group's industrial advantages, BYD's production model of industrial vehicles formulated from the production process of automobiles enables new energy sources to reach more users. A new world of new energy technology applications for industrial vehicles in China has opened up and has become the focus of industry attention.

China's lithium-ion forklifts have increasingly penetrated into the industry, and almost all domestic famous brands have set foot in the industry. There are many brands now have their own products in lithium batteries, in addition to BYD, now Heli, Hangcha, Zhongli, Nuoli, Ruyi, etc. have produced their own lithium battery forklift. The significance of new energy forklift products is not an innovation, it is a microcosm of socio-economic and civilized development. More sophisticated technology is just to improve more efficient services. China's industrial vehicle industry has started a game, and quality is the core.

New energy has a revolutionary significance for industrial vehicles and has driven the industry's driving forces toward more efficient and intelligent development. Outline new trends in the development of the industry. China’s demand for industrial vehicles is in the order of one million. With the vigorous development of the social economy, companies are pursuing more efficient logistics tools. The disappearance of the demographic dividend has led companies to pay more attention to the choice of tools, while new energy technologies are in line with efficient logistics and green. The original intention of logistics can be seen from the Hannover CeMAT 2018.