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Maintain Rather Than Repair, Winter Maintenance For Construction Machinery 5
- Jan 18, 2017 -

1th, for high quality antifreeze.
The freezing cold, the machine will be afraid of "cold", antifreeze must be aware of quality, especially in the North-East, be sure to select a freezing point of-60 degrees Celsius, preventing the machine from freezing. Premium antifreeze can good anti-rust and corrosion, the cooling system will not damage the equipment. But do not mix antifreeze, add different antifreeze chemicals are different, mix chemical reactions may occur, resulting in sediment or air bubbles.

2nd and repair electrical equipment.
Difficult starting failure of the aging equipment in winter, we recommend regular checks of aging electrical wiring and components, including a thorough maintenance of batteries, if necessary, to replace aging equipment.

3rd, water storage tank checked daily.
Water vapor will condense when the gas tank must, if only for a few days without water, it is easy to freeze, blocking ventilation, impact brake system, pose a security risk.

4th, check leakage, leakage, air leakage.
When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, due to hydraulic systems, pneumatic, thermal expansion and contraction of the water seals, especially the rubber o-rings, rectangular ring seals, machine for oil spills, leakage, leakage phenomenon, especially at temperatures close to-10 ℃. Device to the machine before entering the winter overhaul the three leaks, removing three leakage and hidden faults.

5th, pay attention to the fuel oil system maintenance.
Winter based on the local temperature and selecting the cold filter plugging point of diesel and pour point diesel, if minimum temperature higher than-10 ℃, can choose 10# diesel fuel -35# light diesel in cold areas. In addition, the holidays, do not start the machine for a long time, the best venting fuel and tanks are being cleaned, so as not to fuel long standing, precipitation of impurities in oil.

Recommendations until after the holiday ended, again raise fuel oil, it is best to place the fuel tank and then releasing oil drain plug check, because the moisture in the air, condenses into water droplets on the tank wall, flows to the bottom of the tank, need to clean again.

Start every day before and after work to check and ensure the normal operation of equipment, man-made accidents can be avoided. Check device, especially after the snow, the machine or when facing the machine, hand rails, step ladder, three-point contact (two feet and one hand or one foot with both hands) in order to ensure that the body steady.