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Ignition Switch Is Widely Used In The Field Of Automotive Ignition
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Ignition switch function:

The ignition switch is generally equipped with 0 or LOCK, I or ACC, II or ON, III or START four positions.

The ignition switch goes to the III or START position and the starter starts. Ignition switch to I or ACC position, the engine is turned off, other vehicles can be used normally.

Ignition switch to II or ON position, the engine is working.

The ignition switch goes to 0 or LOCK position, the engine turns off, Ignition Switch and the steering wheel is locked when the key is pulled out.

Ignition switch: the ignition system switch (usually use the key), can be free to open or close the main circuit of the ignition coil, also applies to other electrical circuits.

Ignition switch type: gas lighters, gas stoves, Ignition Switch gas water heater ignition switch; car, motorcycle start and ignition switch; launch missiles, satellites, all kinds of spacecraft ignition switch.

Common ignition switch ignition method: ignition methods are mainly piezoelectric ceramic ignition and power coil ignition.

The ignition switch comprises a shell, a socket arranged on the shell, and a receptacle is arranged on the socket, and the harness is connected with a harness; the socket is provided with a slider on which a contact bridge And the housing is further provided with a thrust assembly for urging the slider to move. Ignition Switch The thrust assembly comprises a boom, and the middle part of the arm is provided with a pin mounting hole, the arm is fixed on the shell by a pin, one end of the arm is pressed against the end face of the slider and the other end is connected with the And a return spring is also provided between the slider and the end wall of the socket. Ignition Switch The utility model solves the problem that the traditional contact contact is prone to ablation, and has the advantages of simple structure and convenient installation, and can be widely used in the field of automobile ignition switch.

Ignition switch in the boot file directly control the start of the suction machine to keep the coil, used for 1.2KW following the starter car circuit; 1.5KW above the start of the magnetic switch coil current 40A or more, with the start relay contacts as a switch.

Start-up control circuit with start-up protection: When the ignition switch is on 0, the circuit is disconnected. Ignition switch in 1 speed (not activated) of the power supply line by: generator excitation ignition coil instrument light indicator light. Ignition switch in the second gear, in addition to the above circuit, but also connected to the starter relay circuit: battery positive - ammeter - ignition switch - starter relay coil - relay normally closed contact - Battery negative - starter drive host. At the same time, the bridge will be connected to the ignition coil bypass contact, the current through the ignition coil primary, additional resistance is removed. Ignition Switch After the engine is ignited, the ground voltage of the generator neutral point N (about 0.5 of the generator regulation voltage) causes the start-up relay relay in the starting relay to be disconnected and cut off the charging indicator. Ignition Switch The lamp is off, indicating that the generator is working properly. But also cut off the start of the relay coil circuit, when the generator is working properly, even if the ignition switch to 2, the starter will not engage with the flywheel, to avoid breaking the flywheel ring gear and starter, play Protect the role of the starter.

Ignition system wiring rules

The ignition system can be divided into ordinary (contact) ignition system, non-contact ignition system, computer control ignition system and other forms, the work process is basically in the following order: primary current connected - primary current cut off (300V or so) - secondary coil mutual inductance generated pulse high pressure (6000 ~ 30000V or so) - spark plugs appear spark The

The ignition module of the non-contact ignition system must have the lead-out line: the power input line (4, 5 feet) controlled by the ignition switch, the signal input line from the signal generator (the signal generator and the distributor shaft) 3 (5,5,3 feet, of which 5 feet for the signal generator power line), Ignition Switch the primary current input and output lines 2 (1,2 feet).

Lighting system wiring rules

Car lighting system generally by the headlamps, wide lights (position lights), taillights (rear lights), license plate lights, instrument lights, indoor lights and other components, including headlamps and high beam is divided into low beam , With variable light switch control. The lights are controlled by the light switch: the light switch is off in the 0 file, the 1st gear is not bright (including the light, taillights, instrument lights, license plate lights), 2 files for the headlamps, small lights at the same time. Ignition Switch The current of the lighting system is generally from the positive pole of the battery, not controlled by the ignition switch (due to the large power of the headlamps, the commonly used light relay to control the on-off, the switch 2 for the control relay coil). Overclocking signal commonly used high beam light off to that, when the issue of this signal does not pass the light switch, Ignition Switch is a short-term push button type. Modern car lighting system commonly used combination switch centralized control, combined switch installed in the steering column, located in the steering wheel on the underside of the operation of the driver's reception can ignore the steering wheel.