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Ignition Switch Is An Important Control Switch In Automobile Circuit
- Sep 11, 2017 -

When it comes to ignition switches, I believe we are not strangers. That's right. The ignition switch is the necessary item for the car to start, that is, we see the driver to insert the car key into the switch, after the twist, the car will start up. Ignition switches are also used with other circuits.

Ignition switch Action

Key routine startup If a key to start the ignition button is only included in the training of memory, such as the function of a key to start the buttons or knobs must be accepted to the existence of the smart key to start, Ignition Switch the induction distance is generally around 50 centimeters. In general, there is also a key in the smart key that we usually call a sawtooth or groove, which is to prevent a key start function from starting when it fails. Ignition Switch A car with a key start function does not usually have to insert the key, but all have the position of inserting the key (the role is to prevent a key start function failure, use the key to start)

So what is the role of the ignition switch?

1, ignition switch of the first ACC is to connect low current power supply, in this file can be used audio, some cars can also use electric windows, Electric mirrors and other electrical components, Ignition Switch but the traffic system in this file will not be connected.

2, the second gear on is connected to the operation of electrical equipment, such as electric oil pump, as well as ABS, airbags, temperature and other systems of the self-test, so you will see a lot of light on the instrument. Self-test usually takes 4, 5 seconds, so you wait a little longer, most of the lights will be extinguished, leaving only the individual lights indicating that the vehicle is in the flameout state, such as the "little oil pot" sign, Ignition Switch which says that the pump is being driven by the battery, and that the stall can not be too long (preferably no more than 5 minutes), Otherwise, a lot of electricity will be wasted.

3, in the ACC, on the two files can be quickly switched between, but to the on should stay a few seconds, and then twist to start the door lock, mainly used to control the ignition circuit, but also control the generator magnetic field circuit, starter engine and for the whole vehicle electrical system power supply. In general, Ignition Switch the steering wheel can automatically lock the function when pulling out, has the function of providing the control and recognition signal for the electronic control system, and also contains the device to prevent repetitive starting in the ignition switch. (in normal driving conditions, if the wrong operation will be the key from the position I turn II, only a slight turn of the angle will be stuck, so that the starter power can not be connected to avoid damage to the motivation and engine flywheel. Any reboot of the engine before the key must be restored to the position of the ignition key to reinsert. )

Ignition switch is mainly used to connect and cut off the ignition circuit, but also control the starting circuit, generator excitation circuit, instrumentation circuit and other auxiliary electrical equipment circuit, Ignition Switch is an important control switch in the automotive circuit.

The ignition switch is generally provided with 0 or lock, I or ACC, II or on, III or start four positions.

The ignition switch moves to the III or start position and the starter is started. The ignition switch is turned to I or ACC position, the engine shuts down, other vehicle electrical appliances can be used normally.

The ignition switch is switched to the II or on position and the engine works.

Ignition switch to 0 or lock position, engine flameout, pull the key when the steering wheel will be locked.

Ignition switch: ignition system switch (usually use the key), free to open or close the ignition coil main circuit, also applicable to other electrical circuit.

Ignition switch type: gas lighter, gas stove, ignition switch of gas water heater, Ignition Switch start and ignition switch of automobile, motorcycle, launch missile, satellite, ignition switch of all kinds of spacecraft.

Ignition mode of common ignition switch: ignition mode mainly has piezoelectric ceramic and electric wire ring sparks.