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Ignition Switch Ignition Method
- Oct 27, 2017 -

The ignition switch comprises a shell and an ignition lock cylinder arranged in the shell, a rotating block and a rear cover assembly connected in turn to the ignition cylinder, Ignition Switch and a movable baffle and a movable positioning block are arranged in the rotating block, and one end of the movable baffle The movable baffle spring is pressed against the inner wall of the rotating block and the other end is pressed against the inner wall of the end face of the housing and the ignition cylinder. The movable baffle is open with a rectangular hole in the middle of the movable baffle, Ignition Switch And the one end of the movable positioning block is pressed against the rotating block by the movable locating block reset spring; the movable baffle reset locus is arranged on the inner wall of the end face of the shell and the ignition cylinder. The invention can avoid the situation that the automobile ignition is unsuccessful and the ignition is not started by the lock cylinder back to the initial position, Ignition Switch and the service life of the starter motor and the ignition switch is reduced by the damage caused by the continuous ignition to the starter motor and the ignition switch. And the structure is simple, small footprint, can be widely used in the field of automotive ignition switch.

Ignition switch function:

The ignition switch is generally equipped with 0 or LOCK, I or ACC, II or ON, III or START four positions.

The ignition switch goes to the III or START position and the starter starts. Ignition switch to I or ACC position, the engine is turned off, Ignition Switch other vehicles can be used normally.

Ignition switch to II or ON position, the engine is working.

The ignition switch goes to 0 or LOCK position, the engine turns off, and the steering wheel is locked when the key is pulled out.

Ignition switch: the ignition system switch (usually use the key), Ignition Switch can be free to open or close the main circuit of the ignition coil, also applies to other electrical circuits.

Ignition switch type: gas lighters, gas stoves, gas water heater ignition switch; car, motorcycle start and ignition switch; launch missiles, satellites, all kinds of spacecraft ignition switch.

Common ignition switch ignition method: ignition methods are mainly piezoelectric ceramic ignition and power coil ignition.

Ignition switch is to start the car, start the engine, fuel consumption, start the car, air conditioning began to cool. START file is the engine start gear, after the start will automatically return to normal state is ON file.

A vehicle-mounted computer having a configurable behavior controlled by a vehicle ignition switch. The user may configure the computer to perform an action, switch mode, or execute a software application in response to the location where the ignition switch is pressed or the ignition switch is adjusted. For example, Ignition Switch the computer may be configured to switch to standby mode or hibernation mode in response to an ignition switch being placed in a closed position, shutting down, prompting the user to select an action, or nothing. The ignition switch can be electrically coupled to the computer's input so that the computer operating system or another application can monitor the status of the ignition switch. The operating system or application may cause the computer to perform a configuration response based on a change in the detected ignition switch position or an actuation of the ignition switch.

Start the system wiring rules

1. Ignition switch Direct control of the starter circuit: ignition switch in the boot file directly control the start of the suction machine to keep the coil, more than 1.2KW starter of the car circuit; 1.5KW above the start of the magnetic switch coil current 40A or more, with the relay relay contacts as a switch.

2. Start-up control circuit with start-up protection: When the ignition switch is on 0, the circuit is disconnected. Ignition switch in 1 speed (not activated) of the power supply line by: generator excitation ignition coil instrument light indicator light. Ignition switch in the second gear, in addition to the above circuit, Ignition Switch but also connected to the starter relay circuit: battery positive - ammeter - ignition switch - starter relay coil - relay normally closed contact - Battery negative - starter drive host. At the same time, the bridge will be connected to the ignition coil bypass contact, the current through the ignition coil primary, additional resistance is removed. After the engine is ignited, the ground voltage of the generator neutral point N (about 0.5 of the generator regulation voltage) causes the start-up relay relay in the starting relay to be disconnected and cut off the charging indicator. The lamp is off, Ignition Switch indicating that the generator is working properly. But also cut off the start of the relay coil circuit, when the generator is working properly, even if the ignition switch to 2, the starter will not engage with the flywheel, to avoid breaking the flywheel ring gear and starter, play Protect the role of the starter.