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Forklift Switch Is To Control The Battery And The Whole Car Electrical Equipment
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Forklift switch is to control the battery and the whole car between the electrical equipment connection, turn on the power switch, the various parts of the electrical equipment can be manipulated. Ignition switch, used to connect or cut off the gasoline engine ignition circuit and the instrument panel and other circuits, Forklift Switch and often with the starter of the electromagnetic switch circuit connected together, it is also called ignition start switch. It has three post, four post two. Electric forklift commonly used four-post column.

Forklift switch will be preheat switch and start switch support one for the diesel engine forklift engine circuit, the switch has a power supply on the back, three posts. Turn the preheat start switch handle to turn on or off the different circuits.

The forklift switch is used to open or close the front and rear lights of the electric forklift. It is mostly a pull button switch, a single block, double gear, Forklift Switch and three gears of the points. Different types of forklifts used in the switch model is not exactly the same. The turn signal switch is used to turn on or off the left or right turn signal and turn indicator of the electric forklift. At present the forklift commonly used handle or button switch. Forklift Switch The handle steering switch is mounted on the steering shaft below the steering wheel.