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Forklift LED Blue Light Advantage
- Jan 02, 2018 -

    Our LED high-bright blue warning light, blue light can be used for various types of forklifts, construction vehicles or a variety of heavy machinery, played a safety warning, instructions, guidance, which paragraph high-brightness safety warning lights can be installed around the vehicle Or where any industrial equipment needs a warning, can alert pedestrians and other vehicles to safety while the truck or other vehicle is moving.

    Forklift LED Blue Light Advantages

◆ Forklift LED Blue Light waterproof, dustproof, shockproof design, fully enclosed; high brightness, indoor and outdoor common, security, to prevent accidents;

◆ The Forklift LED Blue Light is pure blue, the light spot is clear and bright, and it is soft and not dazzling. On the floor, it helps to remind pedestrians, loaders, unmanaged vehicles and other industrial vehicles not to approach the forklift truck.

◆ Forklift LED Blue Light shell is coated with insulating varnish, can fully heat, but also shock and anti-drop and anti-static;

◆ Forklift LED Blue Light Bracket 304 stainless steel, waterproof rust, easy installation;

◆ The new US imports Corey die direct light, the stability is particularly high, open 24 hours a day;

◆ Forklift LED Blue Light intelligent drive with imported IC driver board, 10-80V wide range of power supply (other voltage can be customized), suitable for any vehicle;

◆ Forklift LED Blue Light with reverse polarity protection function, the red line is positive, the black line then negative; reverse connection protection, then reverse is not burning;

◆ Forklift LED Blue Light high temperature, corrosion-resistant double insulated enameled wire, suitable for all-weather use of the environment;