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Forklift Industry Forward Way In 2018
- Jan 11, 2018 -

The beginning of the new year, Vientiane update, 2018, has come, in this new starting point, we have ushered in the first year of the forklift industry, take a look at the new year the right way to open it!

In recent years the rise of intelligent forklifts and automated warehousing solutions logistics solutions, it is with endless opportunities. Intelligent forklift truck is an effective alternative to the traditional forklift operation, the current domestic is still in the early stages of development, as some mature overseas markets, with a mature supporting and demand scale, the accelerated introduction of new energy and AGV's rapid growth for the domestic forklift business transformation Open the forklift space.

However, after a short period of emotion, we still have to open a forklift brand new page to see what the future will wait for us. For China's industrial vehicle industry, 2018 is bound to be an extraordinary year. During this year, traditional forklift truck manufacturers and the market dominated by electric forklift warehouse and forklift truck manufacturers, traditional internal combustion forklifts and new energy sources The alternation of forklift will be exacerbated, and all these changes are clearly demonstrating the rapid transformation of China's forklift truck market. So, in this new year, what new forklift trends will be changed?


Since 2018, the trend of market development will show the following aspects:

Trend one: new energy

The trend of lithium battery to gradually replace traditional lead-acid batteries is a foregone conclusion. By 2018, it will truly enter the era of large-scale commercial applications. It is expected that the share of the electric forklift truck market will rapidly increase in 2018.

Trend two: automation and intelligence

The rapid development of science and technology has led the traditional industries and forklift industries including logistics to enter the era of intelligence and informationization. The rapid development of the logistics industry today, intelligent logistics gradually speed up the process. As an important part of intelligent logistics, AGV is widely used. It is estimated that the AGV market will grow rapidly in 2018, and the intelligent forklift truck will be rapidly deployed in a large number of warehouses.

Trend Three: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

IoT and big data artificial intelligence applications around industrial forklift equipment application scenarios enable value-added services such as user assets and personnel management, efficiency optimization, cost control, slotting analysis and diagnosis, and service process convergence. The investment in this area will be to differentiate traditional equipment A watershed between manufacturers and material handling solution providers.

Trend four: forklift integration and integration

The collision and integration of Internet forces with traditional ecology takes place alternately, using the Internet to connect, link goods, logistics big data or other logistics equipment to maximize the value of the forklift.

In addition, the powerful combination is the most important feature of corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, through the effective use of both resources for economies of scale, through mergers and acquisitions to expand the global scope of service for forklift giants, and logistics automation systems companies use their forklift giants sales and service Network to help businesses achieve sustainable and profitable strategic growth. However, after the restructuring mergers and acquisitions, the integration between enterprises decided to restructure the success or failure of mergers and acquisitions. With the development of forlift industry, it will accelerate the reorganization and merger between enterprises.

Trend Five: Forklift Leasing New Business Model

With the sharing of bicycles, shared cars and other business models in the area of consumption will inevitably lead to thinking of the industrial forklift industry, O2O model attempts to increase the share of the forklift model, second-hand forklift e-commerce platform exploration, forklift rental "new Leasing "period has come, the financial nature of forklift leasing will be more prominent.

Trend VI: Customized routes

Tailor-made industrial forklift material handling solutions tailored to specific industries and specific operating conditions will become the forklift manufacturers' efforts to intensify competition differentiation in 2018.

Forklift is foreseeable that in the context of improving efficiency and machine substitution, although the industrial vehicles forklift have been steadily growing in the current and future years, the forklift trend is still on the rise. Whether you wish or not, as the model is switched Changes, automated logistics, intelligent automation, Internet of things, AGV market, market segments will further show the demand, this is the trend!