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Forklift, Forklift Sales Figures Reflect The Developed Country Of The World Development Trend
- Jan 18, 2017 -

A report from the forklift, forklift industry global sales and growth reports show that forklift sales in Europe in the past two years the growth rate ranked the highest in the world. However, we all know that Europe's economic malaise in recent years, still not bottomed out lingering haze, why fork-new sales growth significantly? This is a statistical methodology data out of the question? Of course not, mainly because of the economic downturn several years forklift industry under the pressure of competition policy emphasis due to deflection. Forklift service-oriented new strategy is based on the equipment life-cycle operating costs (Life Cycel Cost) as a core goal. New strategy focuses on the adoption of new technology will significantly reduce operating costs as the new value, and then rebuilt to new business models and customer interest distribution relationship (business model). Customers in the selection of equipment in abandoned the highly valued importance one-time procurement spend.
We know that of electric forklift trucks full life cycle energy consumption and battery consumption accounted for about 2/3 of the total fee, forklift, aimed at reducing energy consumption and battery consumption good programmes will become a customer of forklift equipment selection (including updates), considered the most important goal. Known, lead acid battery as most reliable, and most environmental, and most economic of two times battery has tenacious of vitality, currently and the quite long of time within has not alternative sex advantage, with battery technology of birth, lead acid battery of energy density, and durable sex, and from maintenance sex, and fast filling sex, has has is big of upgrade, especially with power electronic technology and control technology revolutionary of development, new of charging device distribution to new of charging control technology, will battery charging overall level improve to has unprecedented of high, Not only greatly reduces the energy consumption also prolong the battery life, while still enabling quick charging! For example in recent years occurred on high frequency flexible low temperature charging technology (device), you can reduce the energy consumption of about 30% than traditional technology to reduce battery charging 3 times more than double the amount of overcharge, greatly extend the battery life, real life low temperature charging technology enables the flexible battery met or exceeded their design life. Therefore, the new charging technology for electric forklifts only 40% cost reduction can be achieved with the support of its valuable! At present, Europe's first new electric forklift service providers handling vehicle programme is presented to the user in order to effectively support the new data value is mainly reflected in the new forklift KMS count comparison power consumption power consumption, new battery with new flexible low temperature charging system's total power consumption data (energy) efficiency data and charging (battery overcharge damage power value) compared to get customers. Thus began a new round of upsurge of electric forklift upgrades. This round brought about by new technologies reduce forklift operating costs caused by the forklift truck is not a trivial increase, of course, the EU demanding environmental protection laws bills and carbon emissions trading also played a role in fueling this new deal.
Resonant forklift Chargers
Resonance of our forklift battery charger is also included in this flexible rechargeable technology products at low temperature, low power consumption and less damaging the battery is its main feature!
Imported second-hand forklift trucks from the European market this year with charging machines can already see Austria Fronius flexible low temperature charge battery charger figure.
Either way, driving force of the future must be efficiency-driven, efficiency is behind technology and, therefore, more competitive efficiency you can get lower-cost new value, which produces innovative new economic models, shared with the customer added value added results. Forklift has been leasing is not the only benefit of innovation model.