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Electric Forklift The Main Parts
- Jan 15, 2018 -

    Electric forklift refers to the electric forklift operations, most of them are for battery work. It has the main parts of the following points: power supply part of the operating control part of the drive mechanical part of the body gantry part.

    First, at present, the power source used on the electric forklift is basically a power type battery:

    It is mainly composed of negative (negative) plate, isolation plate, battery slot, electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid), battery cover, The role of lead-acid batteries is to store voltage and energy, mainly to provide the entire electric forklift accessories driven electric power source, lead-acid batteries can be discharged and recharge cycle. Long-term normal operation of the forklift can be used. Can provide sufficient power for electric forklift to provide forklift operation.

    The power battery of electric forklift can be divided into: 12V (6 cells), 24V (12 cells), 36V (18 cells), 48V (24 cells), 60V (30 cells) 72V (36 cells), 80V (40 cells) and the like.

    Second, power electronics

    Electric forklift truck power electronic components are: Forklifts computer board / control panel, forklift contactor assembly, forklift IGBT module, forklift IGBT control panel, forklift FET module, forklift capacitor, forklift diode, forklift steering board, forklift steering contact Forklift Fuses Forklift Fuses Forklift Accelerator Forklift Truck Accelerator Pedal Brake Pedal Brake Switch Forklift Light Fixture & Signal Unit Forklift Turn Signal Assembly Forklift Rear Tail Lamp Assembly Forklift Turn Signal Switch Forklift Flask , Forklift Headlight Switch, Forklift Horn & Buzzer, Forklift Wheel Assembly, Forklift Direction Sensor, Forklift Steering Wheel Assembly, Forklift Lift Switch, Forklift Lift Lever, Truck Tilt Switch, Forklift Tilt Lever, Forklift Handbrake Switch, Forklift Handbrake Assembly, Forklift Instrument Assembly, Forklift Gear Switch, Forklift Drive Motor Assembly, Forklift Hydraulic Motor Assembly, Forklift Steering Motor Assembly, Forklift Connector, Forklift Connector, Forklift Power Cable, Forklift Signal Power Lines and so on.

    Third, drive mechanical devices (steering, driving and hydraulic lift three parts):

Electric forklift drive, the most important part is the series current motor, which will convert the electric forklift battery power into mechanical torque, driving the forklift wheel or pump motor rotation. In the control of the motor, the motor direction change and speed control by the speed controller. DC motor mainly by the shield, bearing, gland, end caps, coil edge plate brush, armature, shell, rear cover, ring, stator, rotor brush and brush holder composition. The following is the main components of other small systems.

    1.electric forklift steering part is mainly composed of: steering wheel, direction machine, direction sensor, direction universal joint, direction motor assembly, , The rear axle assembly, the rear bridge sleeve sets, the main axle of the rear axle triplex, the rear axle triplex, the rear axle crossbar, the rear axle steering knuckle, the rear axle steering kingpin, the rear axle steering claw assembly, steering Rear wheel assembly, etc. to form.

    2.the main components of forklift truck driving system are: forklift control panel, forklift module, truck contactors assembly, forklift drive capacitance, forklift gear switch, forklift accelerator assembly, forklift driving diodes, forklift cable, forklift truck motor total Forklift drive gear, Forklift bearings, Forklift Boer tooth, Forklift semi-moon tooth, Forklift planetary gear, Forklift semi-axle tooth, Forklift cross shaft, Forklift semi axle, Forklift truck tire, Forklift wheel net, Forklift brake pedal, Forklift brake master cylinder , Forklift brake cylinder, forklift brake tubing, forklift brake oil, forklift brake pads, forklift brake hubs, forklift brake springs, forklift brake lines, forklift truck tire screws, etc., respectively.

    3.the hydraulic forklift lifting the main components are: hydraulic contactor assembly, forklift hydraulic module, forklift lift lever, lift forklift truck, forklift hydraulic FET module, forklift hydraulic capacitors, forklift hydraulic diode, forklift hydraulic computer board, forklift insurance Hydraulic Forklift Hydraulic Forklift Hydraulic Forklift Hydraulic Forklift Hydraulic Forklift Hydraulic Forklift Hydraulic Forklift Hydraulic Forklift Hydraulic Forklift Hydraulic Hose Forklift Hydraulic Multi-Way Valve Assembly Forklift Multi-Way Valve Electromagnetic Valve, forklift lifting side of the cylinder assembly, forklift middle master cylinder assembly, forklift tilt cylinder assembly, forklift hydraulic return pipe and so on.

    Fourth, the electric forklift working device:

    There are various types of equipment such as: forklift electric forklifts, paper folders, sideshifts, sanitation, clip holder, spinner, barrel clip, string bar, hook, Bracket, Working Cylinder, Hose Rolling Device, Boom, String Barrel, Barrel Pincers, Bucket, Fork Sleeve, Suspension Rod, Flat Clamp, Paper Clip, Pick Rod, Barrel Clip, Wooden clamps, jibs, carton clamps, soft bag clamps, sideshifters, toppling forks, front forks, fork lifts, etc .

    Fifth, electric forklift body parts:

    Mainly by the frame, body, front frame, removable cover, balance weight and other electric forklift accessories. Forklift truck frame, Forklift truck front cover, Forklift truck, Forklift mounts, Forklift truck seat, Forklift rear cast iron, Forklift left side cover, Forklift right side cover, Forklift door frame assembly, Forklift door frame, Forklift door frame , Forklift Door Mounts Screws, Forklift Mast Bearings, Forklift Mast Mounts Pulley, Forklift Mast Mounts Mast, Forklift Mast Mounts, Forklift Chain, Forklift Chain Mounts, Forklift Forks, Forklift Truck Mounts, Forklift Forks Other structures to combine.