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Controller Power-new Development Of Domestic Electric Forklift
- Jan 18, 2017 -

For years, the electric forklift performance has lagged far behind the import of electric forklift trucks, electric forklift controller as core components, which directly affects the performance of electric forklifts stability, aspects such as efficiency, driving comfort, therefore, electric forklift controller must be strict in quality, in order to achieve stability of electric forklift upgrade.

Controllers there was a need for a from the origin, formation and implementation process, at every step of this process affects the quality of controller, for example, purchasing components in standard, processing errors in the production process of the product side, test link is not rigorous, standards making unfounded can lead to poor performance of the final product. How to better control quality throughout the life cycle, improving stability of electric forklift trucks, need controller makers closely controlled the following links:

Component procurement
At present, the domestic power market is very mature, controller manufacturers may choose to combine production and procurement. Produce a wide range of norm-setting reasonable standards and plans; select a purchase method requires indicators to follow strict procurement and meticulous type, select brand selection, channel selection, rigorous scientific standards processes, parameters, and "third" and "three" to ensure the guaranteed quality of components.

Calibration and testing of circuit boards
Standard-setting process parameters based on parameters for processing or purchase their own calibration and testing of circuit boards, circuit board and test the software connection test "brake pressure sensors, upgrading, steering, throttle and tilt of the mast", and all other functions at the same time on the electric parameters of the circuit boards are accurate proofing, avoid errors, in order to ensure consistency of product quality and reliability.

Rational Assembly
After careful calibration and testing of circuit boards properly assembled, pipelining can be used with large scale.

Simulation and testing
Assembly of electric lift trucks controllers for different voltage levels and power simulation test, test efficiency under different environmental conditions, climbing, walking, whether functions such as output power capacity to meet the load performance requirements.

Controller of aging
Complete functional and performance testing of controllers aging, aging room complete the time heat and power download tests, simulate the environmental conditions of use wear and tear, ensure the controller performance and reliability.