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China's Machinery Industry Economic Indicators Exceeded Expectations
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Wang ruixiang, President of the China machinery industry Federation on the 23rd in the fourth annual equipment innovation in China enterprises said in January-September this year, China's machinery industry output growth mainly to the good trend month by month, focused on monitoring of 119 in the output of major products, 65 kinds of products grew, 54.62%, major economic indicators exceeded expectations.
Wang ruixiang said that since entering the new century, to transform our industry caused by the new technological revolution that is reshaping the world competition, innovation-driven economies to seize the commanding heights of the core strategy of the future. From the perspective of industry development, and positive progress in the transformation and upgrading of industry, mechanical industry on emerging industries of strategic investment, the proportion rose steadily, investment and income growth are higher than the industry overall, and average new product contribution to industry growth rate rising, innovation drives industry transformation and upgrading of the effect more obvious.
But Wang ruixiang also pointed out that problems in machinery industry is also noteworthy and significant role in drawing the first automobile, electrical appliances industry, two major industries released the main business proportion of total industry added profit nearly 90%, "This shows that the development of other industries remains difficult, uneven development. "
"The second demand, and benefits low, 146 small sectors of the industry half of the benefits seen in low speed operation; the third is investment demand, in January-September growth of investment in machinery and industrial 1.54%, lower than the national and industry growth; four were foreign trade imports and exports remained stagnant, changing machinery industrial buildings but not strong, achieving quality and efficiency upgrades in an arduous task to heavy. "Wang ruixiang said.