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Anderson Plug Type And Installation Method Introduced
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Dear Our Old and new customer,

Today we want to introduce you Anderson plug,Anderson battery plug connector socket plug are widly use in electric cars, sightseeing cars, forklifts,electric forklift,golf carts, etc., and even including the suction suction, lawn mower, electric wheelchair these mechanical equipment. 

But What kind of features does the Anderson plug include? 

And what are the characteristics of the Anderson plug?

How should we install,pin and tie when we use Anderson plug?

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Product Category:

A. single pole connector: specifications are 45A.75A.120A.180A, high current capacity, small size, free assembly, AC and DC;

B. multi-pole connector: specifications are: 50A.120A.175A.350A, positive and negative design, two holes on the plug, silver terminal design, matching handle;

C. Three-pole connector: specifications are 50A, 175A 600V, suitable for three-phase AC / DC product connection;

D. with contact type bipolar connector: two pole main contact + bipolar auxiliary contact; specifications such as: 175A +45A suitable for battery power, and can monitor the battery temperature rise.

Key Features:

1. Shell made of polycarbonate material, high temperature anti-corrosion;

2. The use of eye-catching color coding, and different colors, different connector interface to prevent mistaken insertion;

3. Hardware terminal for the silver-plated silver, conductive performance; metal shrapnel with positioning slot, to prevent the terminal to move around to really good contact;

4. Connector regardless of male and female design, which will help reduce inventory;

5. Accessories: handle + dust cover;

6. Connector fire rating: UL 94V-0

Anderson plug to plug the plug into the plug connector, be sure to observe whether the buckle buckle, in the maintenance of waterproof connectors, the special attention should not be allowed to oil, water into the jack, otherwise, must be cleaned, After drying to re-connect. Anderson plug the manual as described below.

Pin the correct way to use the manual, the correct use of circuit detection instrumentation:

1, the use of a variety of circuit detection equipment, the first should understand its working principle and conditions of use, is strictly prohibited unreasonable use.

2, measuring voltage, current, should choose the appropriate measurement range, so as not to damage the instrument.

3, is strictly prohibited in the current and resistance file measurement voltage.

4, before the measurement, please confirm your Guangzhou APP connector used in the detection equipment is normal.

Properly bundled harness and wire:

1, should be far away from the moving parts, to prevent pull off and wear;

2, to avoid harness hard fold, hard bend;

3, to avoid friction with sharp metal edges;

4, as far as possible away from oil, water;

5, as far as possible away from the high current connector temperature parts (such as the engine body).

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