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Analysis Of Present Situation Of Construction Machinery Market In China
- Jan 18, 2017 -

From March 2011, the hardware development of construction machinery industry suffered a downturn. Construction machinery market slump most businesses will focus on overseas markets, foreign companies business model, to expand overseas markets.
China's construction machinery market, machine sales profit of more than $70%, and in the mature markets of foreign engineering machinery, machine sales only accounted for 30%, market offers almost 70% after profits. Great contrast, our construction machinery market development efforts is far from enough, there is still a lot of room. Domestic engineering machinery enterprise development bottleneck channels outside the fierce market competition, limited domestic market capacity, to after-sales service market is the most sensible option. Development of construction machinery market is currently focused on strategic direction of construction machinery enterprises in China.
Metal construction machinery market
Construction machinery market is for construction machinery products production and sales market continued backward, that sales for the projects involved in the market, to sell products for carrier service of construction machinery trade. Construction machinery market after industry generally believe: Service (repair and maintenance), accessories, rentals, two cell phones, and then made into five parts.
After China's metal construction machinery market
China's construction machinery industry after more than 10 years of rapid growth, in 2011 the development bottleneck, overcapacity, weak development.
At present China's construction machinery market is supply exceeds demand, overcapacity, inventory surge in State, according to the statistics, by the end of 2015, engineering product ownership in China was approximately 663~718 million, of which 149.5~162.0 units of hydraulic excavator, 73.5kW (100 HP) Above bulldozers 7.1~7.7 million Taiwan, mount machine 167.4~181.4 million Taiwan, flat machine 3.8~4.0 million Taiwan, assessment Pu machine 2.0~2.1 million Taiwan, pressure road machine 11.8~12.8 million Taiwan, round type crane 21.7~23.5 million Taiwan, Tower type crane 42.5~46.0 million Taiwan, forklift 208.5~225.8 million Taiwan, concrete mixing conveying car 32.1~34.8 million Taiwan, concrete pump car 6.1~6.6 million Taiwan, concrete pump 5.7~6.2 million Taiwan, concrete mixing station 5.0~5.5 million Taiwan. For after market provides a good base for development, as well as deep space. After so many companies began to pay attention to the market, increase the input of after market hopes in the market after profit. But a lot of companies on the market do not understand, to enter the market is blind after entering the State, and so, blindly into the homogenization of competition makes service almost unprofitable.
At present, the domestic metal construction machinery enterprises after market service system status: unseen from a strategic importance of after-sales service, resulting in problems such as inadequate investment, poor management, inadequate; poor service timeliness, service personnel technical marketing services, service levels and low limit.
At present, the domestic metal construction machinery enterprises after market situation of personnel training as: low overall quality of market practitioners, professional and technical personnel when lack of technical training system is not perfect, the backward and cannot meet the needs of users.
At present, hardware present situation of construction machinery enterprises after market business model: drawbacks of previous business model: market after high input, low profits, and service orientation as a secondary machine sales, services, profitability consciousness.
Development of construction machinery enterprises after market trends
In the construction machinery industry overcapacity, a surge in inventory, and competitive age, construction machinery enterprises how to seize market opportunities, develop market is the current focus of construction machinery industry and make use of the Internet + construction machinery market of five modules and extension of industry is an important development trend of construction machinery market.
Construction machinery market, followed by services (maintenance and repair), accessories, rentals, two cell phones and five-part remanufacturing. After the market is focused on the development of five major breakthroughs, extension.