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2018 Logistics Festival·Biennial Exhibition Closing
- May 21, 2018 -

667 exhibitors jointly performed “Logistics Change Life”, attracting more than 26,300 professional visitors

Strong and China International Logistics Festival, 47,000 square meters exhibition scale innovation high

Fresh-water distribution segment lifted another wave to promote supply chain reform under new retail

The first open intelligent logistics innovation exhibition area, new logistics era

The 15th China International Logistics Festival and 2018 8th Asian Logistics Biennial Exhibition were successfully performed at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 16-18. The scale of this year's show has again set a new record. 47,000 square meters of display area brought together 667 exhibiting companies from 65 countries and regions, attracted more than 26,300 professional visitors from 67 countries and regions, and exhibitors and visitors were more than that. The session increased by 11% and 20%. 

The fiery scene of the exhibition is much better than the high temperature days of Shanghai in the past few days. The industry elites gathered and stirred up the future of China's logistics, highlighting the extraordinary influence of the logistics festival and biennale in Asian logistics supply chain and transportation, and also marking Asia. The logistics biennial has developed together with the industry. The initiative of the Asian Logistics Biennial was smooth and the chain reached the world - logistics changed lives and opened the new logistics era.

Mr. Gerhard Gerritzen, Deputy Managing Director of Munich Expo Group, stated: “The Chinese government attaches great importance to logistics cost reduction and efficiency enhancement and will release an important signal to further implement measures to reduce logistics costs in the real economy. Logistics will become the engine driving business innovation. The continuous growth of the exhibition has allowed us to see the market's huge demand for cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, and the Logistics Festival Biennale has established a pragmatic and efficient trading platform for companies."

1. Land, sea and air logistics, large coffee gathering, interpretation of logistics to change lives

This year's Asian Logistics Biennial continues to be jointly organized with the China International Logistics Festival. The strong cooperation has attracted 667 exhibitors to fully demonstrate cutting-edge technologies and services in the field of logistics in the air, land and air, covering logistics services, logistics real estate, and industrial parks. , air cargo, port shipping, road and rail transportation, fresh food distribution, logistics equipment and special vehicles, and all aspects of interpretation of the "logistics change life" theme.

Many well-known enterprises in the industry brought forward cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. They include: Sinotrans, COSCO Shipping, China Railway Containers, China Railway Express, HNA Modern Logistics, Jingdong Logistics, SF Express, Yuantong Express, Suning Logistics, DB Schenker, Exhibitors of logistic services such as ZhiZhiLian and Remote Group, logistics real estate companies such as Fengshu, YiShang, WanWei, WeiLong, Bao Wan, etc., as well as air cargo companies such as Air China Cargo, China Eastern Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Hefei, Wukong Fengyun and other air cargo companies, such as Qingdao Port, Lianyungang, Yantian Port, Barcelona Port, Bremen Port, Xiang-Euro Express Line, Russian Railways, ITCO World Tank Containers, etc.

Geng Feng, vice president of Yuantong Express Co., Ltd., said with joy: “I was very impressed with the exhibition as a whole and the show was very lively. The exhibition site surprised me and so many exhibitors came to the show. Many international customers came to our booth. The exhibition was very successful.” Thomas Lindy Sorensen, CEO of Global Forwarding International (China) Co., Ltd., pointed out: “This year is also our fourth time participating in the Logistics Festival Biennale. This exhibition is our understanding of the frontiers of the industry and opening up. An important platform for business opportunities."

At the same time, this year's Logistics Festival Biennale has attracted seven national pavilions from Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, and Malaysia to participate in the show, and has concentrated on the logistics solutions of countries and regions to promote international and regional cooperation. The logistics cooperation.

2. Smart Logistics Innovation Pavilion leads the future

With the help of consumption upgrades and technological innovations, China's logistics industry has entered a new era. Smart logistics has become an important force in the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry. Technologies such as drones, robots, Internet of Things, and blockchains have all enabled energy logistics, opening up smart transformations after the supply chain has undergone integration, optimization, and collaboration. 

2018 Asia Logistics Logistics Biennale and Logistics Salon Cooperate with Logistics Salon to Open the Smart Logistics Innovation Zone and gather wisdom from G7, Chuanhua Smart, Laila, 58 Express, Anji Express, Jingsong Technology, Keyence, Andhra Smart, and Panda New Energy. The logistics equipment, software, system integration and auxiliary decision-making enterprises have made their debut, focusing on the "black technology" and "hard technology" of Doosan Logistics. By vividly demonstrating on the spot, it explains how traditional logistics can realize cost reduction and efficiency increase with new thinking, new technologies, and new equipment, setting off the exhibition site.

G7 Marketing Director Gao Wenjia commented: “We have exhibited at the Logistics Festival Biennial for three consecutive years. This year we have more professional visitors. Through exchanges with domestic and foreign exhibitors, we can help our customers better understand us. On the other hand, It also allows us to better understand the needs of our customers. We have released our new corporate image for the first time at the Logistics Festival Biennale, which also reflects our emphasis on the logistics festival and biennale.”

3. Fresh Delivery Pavilion presents a new retail supply chain reconstruction

In a short period of one year, new retail has been implemented as a brand-new business model with a concept that has brought about tremendous changes in the logistics industry, especially in the fresh food industry. How to provide corresponding solutions based on different target consumer needs is the main direction of fresh new retail reforms in the future. This has also forced fresh food companies to strengthen or even restructure their supply chain systems, and has given birth to a fresh logistics solution. 

Strong demand for solutions and cold chain equipment. This year's show was again co-hosted with the 5th Asia Fresh Food Distribution Show in 2018. More than 250 exhibitors worked together to provide integrated solutions for fresh suppliers, helping companies to open up the front-end procurement, quality inspection, storage and preservation, and cooling throughout. All aspects of the chain transportation and sales and cooked food processing chain highlight the exhibition concept of “delivery of healthy new life”.

4. At the same time, the forum focused on the current hot spots, leading high-end dialogue

In the same period, the Asian Logistics Biennial has launched a series of splendid forums for the same period, keeping pace with the times, hitting the industry hot spots, and solidifying the exchange platform. More than 40 high quality concurrent forums covering smart logistics, blockchain, retail supply chain, food and beverage supply chain, logistics 4.0, chemical logistics, fresh city distribution, cold chain logistics, air cargo, Silk Road port transportation and manufacturing Many hot topics such as linkage with the logistics industry have given the industry a feast of ideas. Cao Peng, Business Manager of Qingdao Port International Logistics Co., Ltd. thinks: “The combination of the exhibition and the conference is very professional. It allows us to participate in many related industry forums and achieve a harvest.”

The 2020 Logistics Festival Biennale will be held again at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 16th to 18th, 2020. Stay tuned.