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2017 Construction Machinery Industry Status And Trend Analysis
- Jan 18, 2017 -

Construction machinery rebounded much brighter at the bottom this year, industry rebound continued into the first half of next year. When the first half of this year, construction machinery 9 kinds of main products most of the sales growth, but by October, the majority of product growth to achieve a positive, one of the most obvious is the excavator, by October before 16.9%. From now on, the industry has been more clear at the bottom, warming trend there is a period of inertia, can sustain half by 2017. Construction machinery three major product is mechanical excavators, loaders and concrete, recovery in the three products on behalf of industry, excavators have now obviously, loader still has negative growth, lack of concrete data and statistics in a timely manner. Excavator, digging small thin profits, in the big dig is the main source of profits, now see the big dig product sales have picked up is a good sign; loaders products, domestic brand, market share 90%, performance and price advantage makes it hard for foreign brands into concrete products, profits more lucrative, who is 31 and the primary point of competition. Industry experiences decline the past few years, significant improvement in the operating environment. 4 trillion investment at low tide, construction machinery industry declining excavator industry at the height of the number of companies with more than 100 companies, only now more than more than 20. Extensive development industry booms before, paying no attention to customer quality and cash flow and blind expansion, caused a lot of problems. Baptism now experiencing low tides, leaving businesses and customers are high quality, purchasing needs of customers there is a practical need, sale of construction machinery enterprises pay more attention to money and cash flow and operating environment of the industry as a whole has been improved now. Earnings base gradually resuming, 2017 will be improved. 1-October profit, revenue still shrinking, profits are negative, but capacity to inventory process, almost has to go last year. When the first half of this year, many companies are still order production, but in July and found dying, customer orders to be in a hurry, some companies hire back laid off workers. Now talking about whether the industry from now on can be said to have arrived at the bottom, 17 more than 16 years. Future opportunity: memory upgrades, new technologies, new patterns change. Stock updates: as the country on "air pollution control" system, the introduction of measures, construction machinery market of more than 7 million population, about 2.4 million obsolete equipment will be phased out, which would make effective market of engineering machinery new machinery market, to pull the engineering machinery market demand to play an active role. New technology: machinery manufacturing will be artificial intelligence, Internet + manufactured all over the world are now all a subject of traditional manufacturing industries are struggling to transition, a new round of technological revolution and industrial change will bring dramatic changes to the industry. New business model change: for large equipment, construction machinery, is a combination of online and logistics in the future.