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2016 Analysis Of Mechanical Parts Processing Industry In China
- Jan 18, 2017 -

Of how mechanical parts processing industry in our country? only understood forms of development can better invest capital. Below is on 2016 mechanical parts processing industry present situation analysis.
According to China report Hall released of 2016-2021 China mechanical parts processing industry development analysis and the investment potential research report displayed, in recent years mechanical parts of capacity with not Shang market of development, parts processing became shortage resources, currently of this industry of market prospects very of considerable, but consider to future development, enterprise should strengthening supply chain of maintenance and construction, enhanced whole zero of strategy collaboration, to effective of overcome industry economic fluctuations on parts enterprise production business brings of risk and effect, Play equipment, parts and areas relevant to mechanical parts processing industry enterprises in recent years began to expand its diversity.
Before the industrial revolution, mechanical woodworking hand is mostly made of wood, metal (mainly steel and iron) is used to manufacture instruments, clocks, locks, pumps, and small parts of wood machinery. Metal process depends mainly on the Seiko to achieve the required accuracy of the machine. With the widespread use of the steam engine and accompanying mining, metallurgy, shipping and the development of large machinery such as locomotives required forming and machining of metal parts, more and more, with metal materials by copper and iron to steel.
Mechanical processing (including casting, forging, welding, heat treatment technology and equipment as well as cutting technology and CNC machine tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, and so on) development, thereby ensuring the development needed for the production of a variety of mechanical equipment. Meanwhile, with the increase of production volume and the development of precision machining technology, also contributed to mass production methods (interchangeability of production, specialization and collaboration, production line and assembly line) formation.
Machinery parts processing in our country are in short supply, but not to seek quantity rather than quality, machinery parts processing now needs to meet the shape, size, accuracy of position precision of three features to meet market demands, maintain a continuous state of development.
By 2016 mechanical parts processing industry status and prospect analysis of content display, machinery parts processing in our country there is still a lot of room, both in technology and needs are not fully met the needs of the market, need more research and development, relevant to the needs of staff to continue learning and efforts.