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These accessories form a forklift
- Jan 22, 2018 -

    Forklift parts, the English name: forklift parts or lift parts refers to the power forklift truck, chassis, electrical devices and workstations of four parts of the forklift parts. Below we look at the composition of various system components.

    The forklift powerplant, internal combustion forklift truck, it is mainly powered by internal combustion engine forklift. There are several main internal combustion engine gasoline engine, diesel liquefied petroleum gas (natural gas) and dual fuel machines. An internal combustion counterweight forklift mainly by the working device, hydraulic system, brake system, steering system, transmission system, body parts, electrical systems, engine systems, etc., each of which is composed of different forklift accessories, such as the following:

    1. The working equipment parts have a variety of different specifications of the forks, forks, masts, hoisting mechanism parts, mast tilt mechanism parts, wheels, traverse mechanism parts and so on a variety of different accessories.

    2. The forklift hydraulic system, hydraulic contactor assembly, forklift hydraulic module, forklift lift lever, forklift lift switch, forklift hydraulic to excellent forklift hydraulic system components pressure FET module, forklift hydraulic capacitors, forklift hydraulic diode, forklift hydraulic Computer Board Forklift Hydraulic Motor Assembly Forklift Hydraulic Gear Pump Assembly Forklift Hydraulic Forklift Hydraulic Tank Assembly Forklift Hydraulic Forklift Forklift Hydraulic Hose Forklift High Pressure Hose Forklift Hydraulic Multi-Way Valve Assembly, Forklift valve multi-way valve, forklift lifting side of the cylinder assembly, forklift middle master cylinder assembly, forklift tilt cylinder assembly, forklift hydraulic return pipe and so on.

    3. The brake system from the brake pedal, brake master cylinder, brake cylinder, brake tubing, brake pads, brake wheels, brake lines, brake assembly, brake repair kits, brake switches, brake springs, brake pads, etc. to accessories .

    4. The steering system mainly by the forklift steering system is mainly composed of the following accessories: steering wheel, the direction of the machine, the direction of the sensor, the direction of the universal joint, the direction of the motor assembly, the direction of the rod, the direction of the assembly, the direction of the worm assembly, the direction of push Lever, direction ball head, rear axle assembly, rear axle sleeve cover, rear axle three-link main pin, rear axle needle bearing, rear axle plain bearing, rear axle triple plate, rear axle steering cylinder, rear axle steering oil pipe , Steering hydraulic gear pump, steering motor motor, steering worm, steering sensor, rear axle transverse tie rod, rear axle steering knuckle, rear axle steering kingpin, rear axle turning claw assembly, forklift wheel, rear axle steering rear wheel assembly And so on to accessories.

    5. The transmission system consists of the clutch, transmission, drive axle such as the rear axle housing, differential case, differential planetary gear, differential gear shaft, half shaft, driven gear ring gear reducer, the main reducer active Pinion, fuel filler cap, drive axle cover, paper pad, bearing, bearing pad, adjusting washer, differential bearing, oil seal, gasket, oil drain plug and so on.

    6. The body part from the forklift truck seat, seat and other accessories.

    7. The electrical system mainly consists of batteries, displays, motherboards, controllers, contactors, modules, battery plugs, sockets, speakers, steering wheel assembly, instrument assembly, key switch, gear switch, charging plugs, various lighting and Warning signs and other electrical components.

    8. The engine system mainly by the starter / starter motor, overhaul package overhaul, valve, valve seat, valve guide, crank bush, connecting rod, cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, connecting rod copper sleeve, thrust Crankcase, Valve lifter Crankshaft, Connecting rod assembly, Camshaft, Cam shaft, Oil cooler and cover, Valve cap, Valve spring, Valve rocker, Valve cap, Valve adjustment screw, Valve lock clamp, Valve Rocker shaft, pump, fan blade, fan belt, fan pulley, crankshaft pulley, thermostat, thermostat, water tank, up and down the water pipe, water pump small water pipe, high pressure pump assembly, pump core, high pressure pump solenoid valve, fuel injection Lubricating nozzle, oil nozzle, oil inlet pipe, gasoline pump, diesel grid, oil pump, oil pump, drain valve, crankshaft tooth, crankshaft spline, crankshaft pulley, crankshaft skin, pulley fixing screws , When the belt, the balance belt, fan belt, fan belt tensioner, timing belt tensioner, balance belt tensioner, balance shaft, balance shaft gear, camshaft gear, high pressure pump tooth, hydraulic Tooth, over axle, bridge, cylinder head, cylinder block, hydraulic pump chain, timing chain, timing chamber cover, flywheel housing, flywheel, flywheel ring gear, machine mats, intake and exhaust hose turbocharger Compressors and other engine components of the system.

    Finally,the electric forklift is divided into batteries as the power source and AC power source two. It consists of batteries, motors, drive drives, steering controls, steering brake, work equipment and other components. Due to the limited use of AC forklift, the less used, often referred to as electric forklift battery forklift.