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The internal combustion forklift accessories
- Jan 29, 2018 -

    Forklift mainly by the drive system, hydraulic system, electrical system and frame system composed of four parts.

    First, the drive system: internal combustion diesel forklift truck powered by gasoline engine, diesel engine, liquid petroleum gas (natural gas) engine, the engine parts mainly by the piston, piston ring, piston pin, connecting rod, crank bearing, thrust plate , Wet liner, Dry liner, Intake valve, Exhaust valve, Intake valve seat, Valve guide, Exhaust valve seat, Cylinder pad, Fuel injector, High pressure diesel pump, Gasoline, Diesel Engine, Oil Lattice, Oil, Air Lattice, Camshaft Bush, Top Cup, Oil Sensor, Pre-plug, Spark Plug, Platinum Flame Proof, Oil Seal, Connecting Rod, Overhaul Bag, Starter, Battery, Generator , Flywheel, Pump, Carburetor, Valve Spring, Valve Guide, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Connecting Rod, Oil Pump, Screw, Hand Pump, Gasoline Pump, Pulley, Water Tank, Hydraulic Gear Pump, Engine Mats, Rocker Shaft, timing gear, fan blade, flywheel ring gear, cylinder and so on.

    Second, the hydraulic system: forklift hydraulic work device from low pressure ordinary hydraulic oil into high pressure hydraulic oil after work, and then by the high pressure hydraulic oil into the various parts of the work to go, also known as the lifting system, the main use To lift, drop, hold, clip, push, pull the goods, etc., mainly in the short-term transport, so that the forklift to complete the loading and unloading of goods, lifting and handling a short distance work.

    The working device consists of a mechanical part and a hydraulic system. It is mainly divided into three types: gantry type, rear axle type and retractable type. It mainly consists of hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic oil pipe, hydraulic gear pump, high pressure delivery pipe, Hydraulic multi-way valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic directional machine, hydraulic booster cylinder, hydraulic steering transverse cylinder, lifting hydraulic cylinder, free lifting cylinder, hydraulic push-pull cylinder, hydraulic clamping cylinder and so on.

    Third, the electrical system: internal combustion forklift electrical equipment from the power system (forklift batteries, generators), electrical equipment (starter system, ignition system, lighting, signaling devices, electronic control devices, auxiliary electrical), electrical control Instruments, warning lights) and protection devices (junction boxes, switches, fuses, connectors, wires) and other components. Forklift gasoline engine ignition devices are also high-voltage packet and distributor, electric forklift has a DC motor or AC motor. The electrical equipment of the electric forklift has a power supply system: the battery pack of the forklift truck, the battery water level alarm, the power cord, the battery plug; the starting system is composed of a key switch, a start power board, a display screen, a main contactor and the like; The system is composed of the headlight assembly, the warning lamp assembly, the steering lamp assembly, the rear taillight assembly, the rear headlight assembly, the horn, the horn switch, the horn relay headlight switch and the turn signal switch, etc. The main control system: Mainly by the main computer board of the forklift, EPS steering control board, module / FET template, FET driver board, capacitor board, current sensor, contactor, relay, speed sensor, angle sensor, direction sensor, accelerator, steering motor, Motor and other components.

    Fourth, the frame system: its role is to assemble the various components of the assembly, in order to achieve forklifts vehicle structure distribution and power transmission, to ensure the normal forklift truck. It consists of transmission system, driving system, steering system, brake system and ancillary equipment.

    There are: brake master cylinder brake cylinder, brake assembly, brake shoe, hand brake line, brake wheel hub, front wheel rim, front wheel hub screw, brake hub, clutch master cylinder, clutch cylinder, clutch pressure plate, Clutch plate, Release bearings, Release bearing clutch cable, Oil master cylinder repair kits, Steering wheel, Steering wheel cross shaft, Hydraulic pump drive shaft, Tie rod end, Steering knuckle, Triplex, , Steering knuckle and repair kits, rear drum (steering wheel hub), rear drum screws, rear wheel rims, bridge bottom bushing, transverse cylinder connecting rod, cross cylinder bearings, door frame bearings, Gantry bush, gantry chain, gantry side wheel gantry sprocket, gantry assembly and the overall frame and so on.