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Forklift Parts
- Jan 24, 2018 -

Forklift parts are forklift engine parts, chassis parts, gearbox parts, cooling system components, electrical components, and various accessories. Forklift accessories is an extension of the forklift truck is designed for the handling of goods in the warehouse forklift accessories. In addition to forklift parts are driven by manpower, the other are motor-driven, because of its compact body, flexible mobile, light weight and good environmental performance in the storage industry has been widely used. In multi-shift operation, spare parts are required for motor-driven forklift parts.


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Engine Parts

Engine Parts Include: Overhaul Bag Valve Valve Seat Valve Guide Crank Bush Connecting Rod Bush Cylinder Piston Piston Ring Connecting Rod Brass Throttle Valve Throttle Cup Throttle Valve Crankshaft Connecting Rod Assembly Camshaft Cam Bearing Oil Cooler & Cover Valve Cap valve spring valve rocker valve cap valve adjustment screw valve lock folder valve rocker shaft pump fan blade fan belt fan pulley crankshaft pulley thermostat thermostat tank up and down the water pump small water tank high pressure pump assembly pump core high pressure pump solenoid valve Injector Injector Cylinder Lubrication Nozzle, Oil Nozzle, Inlet Pipe Gasoline Pump Diesel Engine Oil Pump Oil Pump Drain Valve Crankshaft Tooth, Crankshaft Spline, Crankshaft Pulley, Crankshaft Pulley Set Screw, Belt, Belt, Fan Belt, fan Belt tensioner, timing belt tensioner, balance belt tensioner, balance shaft, balance shaft gear, camshaft gear High pressure oil pump gear Hydraulic pump gear Overhaul bridge pinion Cylinder head cylinder Hydraulic pump Chain timing chain chamber flywheel flywheel flywheel gear mat into the exhaust Hose Turbocharger.

Chassis accessories

Chassis components include: Brake master cylinder Brake Cylinder Brake assembly Brake shoes Hand brake front wheel Old (also known as the drive wheel) front wheel rim front wheel hub screw brake hub (brake hub) clutch master cylinder clutch clutch cylinder clutch pressure Clutch Disc Release Bearing Release Bearing Clutch Pull Multiple Valve Assembly Oil Master Cylinder Repair Kit Multi-Way Valve Repair Kit Steering Wheel Direction Machine Assembly Direction Machine Repair Kit Direction Machine Cross Shaft Hydraulic Pump Assembly Hydraulic Pump Repair Kit Hydraulic Pump Drive Shaft Hydraulic Oil Grab Bar Ball Head Steering Cylinder Repair Kit Steering Cylinder Piston Rod Steering Knuckle Board Triplex Main Pin and Kits Knuckle and Kits Back Wheel Drum (Steering Wheel Hub) Rear Wheel Drum Screw Rear Wheel Rim Bridge bottom bushing transverse cylinder connecting rod transverse cylinder connecting rod transverse cylinder joint bearing transverse cylinder repair package lifting cylinder repair kit door frame door frame door frame gantry chain gantry side roller gantry sprocket inclined cylinder piston Rod tilt cylinder repair kits

Transmission parts

Gearbox parts include: forward gear gear backward gear first gear (low speed gear second gear (high speed gear) before and after the file gear set (slip set) a second gear gear set synchronization ring a shaft shaft cover a Shaft sleeve a sleeve a sleeve flow needle bearing two-axis output gear gearbox transmission shaft spline gearbox universal joint gearbox control valve (gearbox solenoid valve gear pull hanging ball head gear switch friction plate Known as the copper sheet) Septum (also called steel sheet) Clutch case Automatic gearbox Torque converter Torque converter connection sleeve (also known as pump drum) Fuel supply pump connection plate (also called elastic plate) Differential Spider shaft planetary gear planetary gear shrapnel shaft half shaft gear shaft shim plate angle teeth

Electrical devices

Electrical devices include: starter generator assembly starter relay magnet switch electric horn spark plug distributor of electrical components sub-ignite carburetor ignition switch headlight switch turn signal switch reversing switch brake switch delay switch gearbox control valve high-pressure pump Solenoid Valve Water Temperature Sensor Oil Temperature Sensor Oil Sensor Dashboard Assembly Electronic Flasher Warming Timer Headlight Glow Plug Turn Signal Rear Taillight Lamp

Hydraulic components include: Multi-channel valve assembly Master cylinder repair kits Multi-valve repair kits diverter valve steering wheel assembly direction machine repair kits Steering cross-axis hydraulic pump assembly Hydraulic pump repair kits Hydraulic tubing Various tubing fittings

The scope of application

Forklift parts are widely used in port, railway station, airport, freight yard, factory workshop, warehouse, distribution center and distribution center, and can enter the cabin, car and container loading and unloading of goods, handling operations, is the pallet transport, container transport Essential equipment. Forklift parts in the enterprise logistics system plays a very important role, is the main force in the material handling equipment. forklift parts widely used in all sectors of the national economy such as stations, ports, airports, factories, warehouses, etc., is an efficient equipment for mechanized handling, stacking and short-distance transport. Self-propelled forklift truck appeared in 1917. During the Second World War, forklift parts developed. China started manufacturing forklifts from the early 1950s. Especially with the rapid economic development in China, most enterprises have moved away from the original manual handling of materials, replaced by the mechanized handling of forklifts parts. Therefore, in the past few years, the demand of China's forklift truck market has been growing at a double-digit rate every year. Currently on the market to choose from a large number of forklift accessories brand, complex models, combined with the product itself is strong and very technical expertise, so the choice of models, supplier selection is a lot of purchase companies often face problems forklift parts .

key parameter

1. Model, internal combustion, gasoline, electric, balance weight, three fulcrums, forward, etc. Load capacity; Transmission type (manual / automatic)

2 engine brand model

3. Electronic control brand model;

How many gantries

5. Belongs to: Sideshifter, holding folder, rotator, ejector, carton special clip, barrel clip, etc.

6. Solid tires, pneumatic tires