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Electric forklift various parts of the maintenance methods
- Jan 18, 2018 -

    Electric forklift refers to the electric forklift operations, most of them are for battery work. Electric forklift trucks can be divided into four-way electric forklift, electric pallet stacker, electric pallet truck, electric tractor, three-point electric forklift, four-point counterbalance forklift, forward electric forklift , Three-point mini forklift, ammunition counterbalance forklift, cold storage electric forklift, electric explosion-proof forklift, walking counterbalance forklift, electric drum stacker, three fulcrum legs stacker, work station crane, Car, four fulcrum wide-leg stacker, forklift basket picking cart, four-point double-deck stacking truck, electric tractor, picking cart and other electric series material handling equipment. The price of an electric forklift from the domestic tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of imports ranging from maintenance and maintenance of vehicle accessories, domestic or imported electric forklift needs regular, the purpose is to ensure that the electric forklift zero Reduced wear and tear on components, extending the life of the components and maximizing the performance of the forklift.

    An electric forklift composed of tens of thousands of spare parts, the following Shenzhen base treasure forklift forklift parts network to share with you the various parts of the electric forklift maintenance inspection methods.

1. check the charging plug damage

2. check the charging cable damage

3. check the charger work indicator

4. check the charger current

5. check the battery water

6. check the battery liquid weight

7.check the battery plug damage

8. check the speaker / speaker switch

9. check the light / light switch

10. check the instrument

11. the whole car blowing dust

12. the whole car butter butter mouth butter

13. Chain spray chain oil

14. check the front tire / rear tire wear

15. check the tire screws and tighten

16. check the bridge after the king pin / claw / triple board / ball head

17. check the bridge after the horizontal cylinder oil spill and action situation

18. check the brake fluid

19. check the foot brake / hand brake and adjustment

20. check the gear oil

21. check the accelerator pedal and adjust

22. check the steering wheel / direction bar

23. check the direction machine / booster cylinder

24. check the lift / tilt lever

25. check the gantry / gantry bearings / shelves

26. check the oil tanker lifting and movement situation

27. check lean cylinder oil spill and action situation

28. check the cylinder damage and oil spills

29. check the tubing damage and oil spills

30. check the multi-valve leakage

31. check whether the hydraulic pump leakage

32. check forks wear and deformation

33. check the chain tension and adjustment

34. check the gantry damage and wear inside and outside

35. check the forklift gear

36.  check the motor carbon brush and copper head wear degree

37. check the electric forklift contactor contact wear degree

38.  check the fuse

39. check the hydraulic oil

40. check the wiring terminals loose and tightened

41. check the IP voltage (force to excellent electric car)

42. check the starting current / current limit

43. check the sound of walking motor work

44. check the hydraulic motor working sound

45. check the steering motor rotation sound