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Diesel Forklift Truck
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Diesel forklifts truck are engines powered by diesel, petrol or liquefied petroleum gas. Load capacity of 0.5 tons - 45 tons. Generally divided into: balance heavy duty diesel forklifts truck, container forklifts (frontal hanging), side forklifts.


Generally divided into three categories:

1. Balance heavy duty diesel forklifts truck

General use of diesel, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas fuel, load capacity of 0.5 tons - 45 tons, more than 10 tons of diesel forklift.

2. Container Forklift (Front Crane)

The use of diesel engines as power is a crane used to load and unload containers. Carrying capacity of 45 tons.

3. Side forklift

Diesel engine as a driving force, carrying capacity of 3.0 to 6.0 tons. Forks are mounted on the side of a forklift and have the ability to fork the goods directly from the sides, so they are mainly used to fork long strips of goods such as battens, rebar and the like.


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1. Diesel forklifts truck, larger, but its stability is good, should be overloaded, the use of time is unlimited, the use of venues are generally outdoors diesel forklifts truck. Compared with the gasoline engine, diesel engine power is good (low speed is not easy to stall, overload, long working ability), low fuel costs.But the vibration, noise, displacement, weight, price, load The amount of diesel forklifts truck from 0.5 tons to 45 tons.

2. Balancing heavy-duty gasoline forklift, larger, but its stability is good, should be overloaded, the use of time is unlimited, the use of venues diesel forklifts truck are generally outdoors. Gasoline engine has the advantages of small size, light weight, large output power, small working noise and vibration and low price, but gasoline engine overload capacity, poor working ability over a long period of time, and fuel costs are quite high. The load capacity can be from 0.5 ton to 4.5 ton.

3. Balanced Liquefied Petroleum Gas Forklift (LPG) is the diesel forklifts truck with LPG conversion device, which becomes LPG forklift, through the switch can be used to switch the use of gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas. The biggest advantage of LPG forklifts is that they have good exhaust emissions, significantly less carbon monoxide (CO) emissions than gasoline engines and low fuel costs (15KG of liquefied petroleum gas equals 20 liters of gasoline), which is suitable for environmentally demanding indoor operations diesel forklifts truck.