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Buy Electric Forklift Sensor (24-1)

Buy Electric Forklift Sensor (24-1)

Electric forklift sensor 19250-76003-71

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Product Details


12 Year Gold supply Forklift spare parts

Business range: Full range spare parts of both electric forklift and diesel forklift,PU Wheel.


Product description

Buy electric forklift sensor (24-1)


PARTS NO: 19250-76003-71


PLACE OF ORIGIN:  Make in China/Make in Taiwan/Make in Japan

Guangzhou Hesheng-Your forklift parts supplier, we sale both of electric parts and diesel parts.More details please contact with : whatsapp +86 13826091136


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Please contact us for a promotion price directly!

Email: sales@electric-forkliftparts.com

Whatspp: +86 13826091136

Skype: 447578905@qq.com

Tel: +86-20-82524180

Company Profile:

Parts for electric forklift: Switch,Contactor,fuse,connector,controller,EPS board,IGBT Modules,sensor,Motor,PU wheel,Pedal assy....etc.


Adequate inventory



Packaging and shipping:

1. By Air: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT and others Country special line.

Fast delivery,cost-effective,HS provide you free of logistics insurance

2. By Sea: Delivry From Guangzhou Port.HS forklifty parts work with many strength freight forwarding cooperation, offer you with stable sea freight,and 24 hours service!

Packing: Neutral packaging,HS brand packaging, original packaging

Packing can Can be based on customer market requirements to develop


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Welcome to shop online for the buy electric forklift sensor (24-1) made in China for sale from our factory. We are one of the leading forklift truck parts manufacturers in China, please rest assured to get in touch with our supplier.
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