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Original Contactor 180 48V Tips Parts (8-2)

Guangzhou hesheng forklift parts dealer for TCM NISSAN HYSTER TOYOTA komatsu LINDE CROWN NICHIYU hydraulic electric parts

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12 Year Gold supply Forklift spare parts

Business range: Full range spare parts of both electric forklift and diesel forklift,PU Wheel.

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Product description

Original Contactor 180 48V tips parts (8-2)


PARTS NO: SW-180 48V



PLACE OF ORIGIN:  Make in China/Make in Taiwan/Make in Japan

Original Contactor 180 48V tips parts Forklift contactor is mainly divided into: the main power contactor, walking contactor, bypass contactor, the rise contactor, hydraulic lift contactor, steering contactor, etc., suitable for use in electric forklifts, battery forklifts, golf carts, beach trams and other electric vehicles used. The main function of the forklift contactor is to Guan, load and disconnect the normal current and the specified overload current of the disconnection and closing element device. CONTACTOR is a kind of general-purpose electromagnetic apparatus, Forklift Contactor it can be connected frequently and broken AC, DC main circuit, and can achieve long-distance control, mainly used to control electric forklift power supply. The main contact of the AC contactor is usually 3 pairs (can be three interlinked), mainly used in the electric forklift charger on the majority of the machine. The main contact point of the DCOriginal Contactor 180 48V tips parts contactor is 2 pairs.Original Contactor 180 48V tips parts Contactor of the dynamic, static contact is generally placed in the arc hood, Forklift Contactor there is a vacuum contactor is the dynamic contact is sealed in the vacuum bubble, it has a high breaking capacity, long life, high operating frequency, small size and light weight and other advantages. The working principle of the forklift contactor is: When the contactor coil power, the coil current will generate magnetic field, the resulting magnetic field makes the static core electromagnetic suction to attract the core, and drive the DC/AC contactor Point action, often closed contact point, Forklift Contactor often open contact closed, the two are linked. When the coil loses power, the electromagnetic suction disappears, the armature releases under the action of releasing the spring, causes the contact to recover, often opens the contact point to disconnect, often closes the contact point to close.

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Parts for electric forklift: Switch,Contactor,fuse,connector,controller,EPS board,IGBT Modules,sensor,Motor,PU wheel,Pedal assy....etc.


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1. By Air: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT and others Country special line.

Fast delivery,cost-effective,HS provide you free of logistics insurance

2. By Sea: Delivry From Guangzhou Port.HS forklifty parts work with many strength freight forwarding cooperation, offer you with stable sea freight,and 24 hours service!

Packing: Neutral packaging,HS brand packaging, original packaging

Packing can Can be based on customer market requirements to develop


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Welcome to shop online for the original contactor 180 48v tips parts (8-2) made in China for sale from our factory. We are one of the leading forklift truck parts manufacturers in China, please rest assured to get in touch with our supplier.
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