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The Ignition Switch Has The Function Of Locking The Redirector
- Sep 21, 2017 -

The ignition switch is a device for connecting or cutting off the ignition system and some electrical equipment, and it also has the function of locking the redirector. The ignition switch will be disconnected and the steering wheel can be locked when the key is pulled.

The ignition switch comprises a housing and a ignition lock core arranged in the shell, and a turning block and a rear cover assembly connected with the ignition lock core in turn, Ignition Switch an active bezel and an active positioning block are set inside the transfer block, and the movable baffle is compressed on the inner wall of the rotor through the movable baffle, and the other end is pressed on the inner wall of the end face which the shell fits with the ignition lock core. A rectangular hole is opened in the middle of the movable bezel. Ignition Switch The movable locating block is fastened on the edge of the movable baffle rectangle hole through the convex table structure, and the end of the movable locating block is pressed on the turning block by the movable locating block and the spring is reset on the inner wall of the end face with the ignition lock core. The invention can avoid the failure of one ignition of the vehicle and the continuous ignition without the initial position of the core, Ignition Switch and reduce the damage of the starting motor and ignition switch by continuous ignition, and improve the service life of the starter motor and the ignition switch. And the structure is simple, occupies small space, can be widely used in automotive ignition switch field.

The ignition switch is generally provided with 0 or lock, I or ACC, II or on, III or start four positions.

The ignition switch moves to the III or start position and the starter is started. The ignition switch is turned to I or ACC position, the engine shuts down, Ignition Switch other vehicle electrical appliances can be used normally.

The ignition switch is switched to the II or on position and the engine works.

Ignition switch to 0 or lock position, engine flameout, pull the key when the steering wheel will be locked.

Ignition switch: ignition system switch (usually use the key), free to open or close the ignition coil main circuit, Ignition Switch also applicable to other electrical circuit.

Ignition switch type: gas lighter, gas stove, ignition switch of gas water heater, start and ignition switch of automobile, motorcycle, launch missile, satellite, ignition switch of all kinds of spacecraft.

Ignition mode of common ignition switch: ignition mode mainly has piezoelectric ceramic and electric wire ring sparks.