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Forklift Controller Is One Of The Most Important Parts
- Sep 11, 2017 -

Forklift controller is mainly installed in the body of the forklift truck, is the most basic forklift and one of the most important parts. The main board of the forklift is four square circuit board. The main circuit system of the forklift is installed on the motherboard.

The principle of forklift main controller: When the forklift is connected to the power supply, the current will be instantaneous through the CPU, the chip with the program, the slot, the resistor, the capacitance, the LED, the card, the transistor, the IC and so on. Forklift Controller Then the motherboard will be based on the operating system input and output data to identify the hardware into the operation of the entire forklift system, and into the operating system to play the support of the entire forklift work function.

An electric forklift truck is mainly by forklift main controller, forklift truck controller, forklift hydraulic controller, forklift steering controller, Forklift Controller forklift charging circuit board, such as 1-6 to organize, different electric forklifts are equipped with various forklift controller, the size and shape of various forklift controller will not be the same. It is necessary to match the same type of forklift controller according to the model size of the vehicle and the model of the same controller.

Forklift controller, which is characterized by: including power module, control system microcontroller, voice system MCU, multi-channel switch, output drive, watchdog, addressing extended chip, memory, voice chip, Forklift Controller amplifier and speakers, Serial communication port TXD of control system MCU and serial communication Port of voice system MCU RXD connected, SCM and voice system MCU are electrically connected with power modules, the system is composed of double CPU structure, so it has a strong multi-task and timely ability, To make the forklift in the process of monitoring the forklift overload status, Forklift Controller and in a timely manner through the voice system to play forklift overload information; The system can provide voice prompt service for the control of forklift truck and lower truck. In addition, Forklift Controller the system hardware design in the remaining degree, for the upgrading of the function of the system to facilitate the design of the software and hardware to consider anti-jamming, enhance the reliability.